Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day!

Love Day is this best!  I feel so blessed.  My little family means the world to me and I am so grateful for them.    I Love how extra special Valentines Day is because we get to celebrate Claire Dixie Birthday.   I really can't believe she it 2 already!!! When, How, Why did that happen.   

The Loves of my Life
 This Sassy Pants asked for Valentine hair:  So Claire and Chloe got Valentine hair. So cute!!!

 Claire Dixie at 2: Favorite food Pizza, Chicken and Strawberries
Favorite Parent: Mommy 
Favorite Shows Mickey Mouse, Charlie and Lola, Strawberry Shortcake. (Just loves TV)
Favorite Books: Colors, Dimity Duck and Are our Ticklish loves to read:)
Loves to talk and is Mommy's chatter box
Favorite toys: Wagon and Blocks
Favorite thing:  Care bear Blanket (this was actually moms when she was little.)
Loves to play with brother and sister think she is a Big Girl! 

I am so gald we get to share this life together.  Love you Babe!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chloe Bug

I feel like I am having to figure this blog thing our again everything has changed!   

So this picture was taking last year. This was her beloved blankie it was actually made for Sydney by her Aunt Becky.  She was made a purple on but attached to this one.  It was a Sad day when blankie started to unravel. However she just attached herself to the purple one to take its place.  Chloe has had a hard year.  She out of all of the kids had the most difficult time with the move. She will still ask when we are going back to Utah.  It has been hard on both of us my spunky fun girl turned into a screaming, clingy, and extra Sassy 4 year old.  She never had a hard time going places and with the move she would scream when I dropped her off at preschool, the Gym or even at her Aunts house to play.  It has been exhausting and very frustrating!!  I am not always a sympathetic as maybe I should be.   I hated having that child who was screaming "MOMmY DONT GO!!!"  Even though I knew she was claiming down with in minutes after I was gone. Last week we were heading to the Gym and her blankie was in the car she wanted to bring it and I said No it needs to stay in the car.  She had a fit; we went inside.  I was then pulled out of class because she was still screaming.  I was going to get that girl.  I took her in the bathroom and told if she didn't calm down I was going to throw the blanket away.  She did stop and went into the playroom and Said "I am sorry for throwing a fit.   May a please stay?"    She did stay but I was so tried of the fits. 

We have finally had a break thorough she has gone to preschool with out crying 3 times! Hooray!!  Every few months has a family me make goals for each other things that we can work on and encourage each other to do better.  Chloe said that she would go to school with out crying. I was still not convinced   On the first day ater she made her goal I could see the determination but that she was also having a hard time.  As a knelt down she had a pool of tears in her eyes that she was trying to hold back.   I asked her what would help and she said she wanted me to pick her up at the end of the day( her Aunt usually brings her home.)  I said okay I will come get you she walked off to play with her friends.  Wow!  I am not sure if that was really all that she needed and it probably would have been enough months ago but it is such a relief to see my funny,spunky girl coming back.  I love her to pieces even if she was be the one who will cause me to have a nervous break down.  Oh, the teenage years or going to be a blast with this little peanut!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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