Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your being mean to me!

A few months back I noticed my kids saying this to me any time I was being a "Mom". If I was telling them to do something like pick up or stop doing that I would get the response "Stop being mean to me." Or "Your being mean Mom!" I found myself frustrated because I was starting to feel like a mean mommy. I am not sure which child it was that started this lovely phrase but I was not sure how to stop it. I was trying to explain to them that I am not being mean but that the choices they are making are causing me to have to tell them how they should be acting.

I have chosen to learn from my children even though I swear the majority of the time I was not being mean simply requesting something be done. I have realized how important it is to speak kindly to my children. So, in the past few weeks I have tried to speak softer, use please and thank you more and to tell my kids when they are doing something RIGHT instead of always pointing out when they are doing something WRONG. And behold it stopped I have not heard them say "You are being mean to me." for awhile now and trust me I am still being a "Mom" and asking them to do plenty that they don't want to do. So....was a really being mean? Some of time I am sure the phrase was warranted (I am only human.) but I am so happy that I have learned a very valuable lesson for some very smart Kids. Thanks Seth and Syd for helping your Mommy become at better Me. I Love You!
Found this old picture... I miss those two.....they are getting so BIG!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am sooo proud of theses cakes....back in Tn (I had to pause to remember back that far:) Anyway, Sandra and I got into decorating cakes...okay well we decorated one cake! And this is my second try it was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I have two more bdays next month so I can do it again.

Even with the eyebrow incident she is still ADORABLE. (not bias at all!)

We had a fun weekend celebrating Sydney's Birthday...She is so funny she is already trying to turn back the clock. She kept saying that she didn't want to be turning 4 she wanted to be 2... I guess she is starting early on wanting to stay young. We love her funny personality! She makes me smile everyday. She still has her imaginary friend Kelly and there is a new one named Courtney every once in a while there is a baby one for Chloe... named Chelly:)I love her imagination and don't want her to grow up either!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Being Domestic...
Canned peaches will always remind me of my childhood.We had a peach tree in the front yard with the most delicious peaches....it takes me back... YUMMY!
(A special thanks to Becky for peeling mostly ALL the peaches...your awesome!)

Don't you just want to eat this little thing up too!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Warning: Do not leave razor in shower!


(Yes, part of both eye brows are missing!!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Worst Mom Ever!

So, I really can't believe it but I forgot! I really wasn't doing anything important and I was up so there really is not any excuse. I just forgot! Forgot to play tooth fairy last night and the really sad thing is this isn't the first time! I know the title did read Worst Mom Ever!! So now even though I am so tired I can't go to bed until the boy falls asleep because I can't forget again.... He is even getting and extra dollar... guilt money. I didn't know what to say... "She was really busy last night" It was okay he had a perfectly logical explanation... "I guess I went to bed to late and she didn't know I put my tooth under my pillow." That must be it. So to pass a little time I thought I would document the fact because I am sure I will deny it ever happened!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I feel the sudden need to stop time! Seth is getting to big!! He is a great kid and I have generally looked forward to him reaching milestones. I didn't cry on the first day of school I am generally not an emotionally but proud when he easily does things without Moms help. But today I was missing my little boy. He is riding his bike over to friends houses to play he can't be old enough to do that(it is only a few doors down but still shouldn't he need me to walk with him?) On Sunday he came up stairs and proudly exclaim Sydney knocked out my tooth!! He wasn't mad at her they were just playing and he was so excited he kept saying thanks Sydney! I looked at my boy and thought where is time going SLOW DOWN!!

What is your favorite color?
Who is your best friend?
What your favorite food?
What is your favorite song?
Who is your girlfriend?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What do you do for fun?
What is your favorite Show?
What is your favorite ice cream?
Tell me something you know?

This is a picture of Sydney waiting for Seth to get of the bus...I know so cute!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun at the Fair!

We had a fun afternoon at the Eastern Idaho Fair in Blackfoot. The classic fair food, the animals and taking in a ride.

View from the Top of the Ferris Wheel
Syd loved the tiny Horses
She also thought that this pink bench was very neat!
The cows
Petting a Little Horse
Uncle Brent is back for school and came to the Fair with us.
Notice Clo I guess I should have put her in the picture.
Smiles from Chloe!
Ice cream YUMMY!
Syd was sooo Happy she got PURPLE and PINK Ice cream Huckleberry and Strawberry they were Super Delicious!!
Every once in awhile I remember to take a picture of us!
YAY!! The rides at the fair are sooo expensive but we let they kids each ride one Seth choose the Ferris Wheel...He was a very happy Boy!
On the ride..I guess I was squishing him or something :)
Uncle Brent was nice enough to take Syd on her ride because Daddy is a pansy and hates to spin...thanks Brent!
Now that is what I call a great day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Becky got this fun Hot pink TuTu for her and she will barely take it off she loves it! Thanks Beck!!
(not sure what is up with my point and shoot camera all the pics turned out kinda blurry. Seth has been messing with it lately that little stinker!!)


So focused!

She did so well at listening and following her teacher it was the cutest thing ever!!
Kara interviewed Elle a few weeks ago and thought It was cute so I did it with Syd.
What is your favorite color?
Who is your best friend?
What your favorite food?
What is your favorite song?
Who is your boyfriend?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What do you do for fun?
What is your favorite Show?
What is your favorite ice cream?
Tell me something you know?
There are baby Dinosaurs and big Dinosaurs
(Not sure where that came from: )
They didn't have enough boys for the hip hop class so they canceled it I was so sad for Seth. He was disappointed but Syd class is why he is at school so he shouldn't get to jealous. Maybe next year.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's new??

Mamaw left us on Monday and it seems like things are getting out of control here with out an extra set of hands. Sydney seems like she needs way more attention than normal,Chloe decided she will be waking up at night and Seth feels like watching him ride his bike should be top priority. Needless to say I think my kids might like having visitors!! Thank you Mamaw for adoring them!

Seth learned to ride his bike last weekend without training wheels. It only took him a few tries. I was a little surprised because we took them off for awhile in TN but he just could balance enough. Just a couple months did the trick though. He already fell and scrapped his knee and ran in to Becky's car but the knee and car both survived. Seth is loving school! His favorite part is the bus...putting on the bus was a lot harder for Mom then the first day of school was but I survived and it is nice because they drop him off at the house in the afternoon. We have already been almost late to the bus. But made it, needless to say we are getting used to get up and out the door.

I put both the kids in a dance class that starts tomorrow. Syd will be doing ballet and gymnastics and Seth will be doing a hip hop and Gymnastics class. I hope that they will enjoy them and I think it will be nice to have something for them to do in the winter.

Michael is getting settled into his new job which we hope will bring good opportunities. We will have to move again in probably about a year but I think that I am getting used to that. We have no idea where it could be. Hunting season began... oh boy!! So Michael is getting out every opportunity. I am doing the Mom thing and enjoying making projects when I can and hope to be learning more with photography. Life's Good!
(pictures to come soon)

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