Saturday, July 26, 2008


Michael and George in Mexico

Scott, Michael and George

Most of you have probably heard but here is the story. Last weekend Michael got a call and received the news that his boss and good friend George McDaniel died in a helicopter crash in UT. The news shocked him and they hadn't been able to get in touch with the family. I wasn't home at the time James and Kara were leaving for TN that night and I was getting ready for the goodbye party. Michael was as close as family with the McDaniel's. He met George at Sol Rio and became fast friends. If Michael wasn't to be found with is brother James he was off with George somewhere. I soon found out that the words "I am in a meeting" only half the time meant he was in an actually meeting the other half meant that he and George were goofing off somewhere. George was a great friend and will sorely be missed.

It is amazing how the spirit can teach in times of tragedy and it has been working upon my heart. In the mist of this tragedy I felt extremely blessed that my husband wasn't with George this day. He usually gets taken along on these adventures but because it was Jame's last weekend in town he didn't go. I am glad I have the opportunity to tell my husband one more time that I love him and that I am grateful for all that he does for me. I am grateful for the understanding that comes with the knowledge of the gospel and for the things that I learned from George and that is LOVE to take every opportunity to Love. To love life and the adventures that it takes us on. To not only love when it is easy but when it is difficult.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Last Day of Swimming Lessons

I guess her pony was bugg'in her!

Seth was complaining about the sun being to bright.

She looked so nervous but was so proud of her self.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Playing with Cousins!

I loved the summertime growing up and being able to go play with my cousins. It's so great they are like siblings that don't get on your nerves as much, at least most of the time!

Lauren and Syd are only 3 wks apart and they got along so great. It was a lot of fun to see.

Seth was the only boy, He took advantage of this.

Curly Sue!! I found some sponge curlers and decided to do the girls hair. I did think they would actually keep them in but they really liked it.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Eaton Update

Life is good. I love summer!! It seems impossible to be sad when it sunny out. I have a always loved the sumer time but after the perpetually long winter we had I am really enjoying this one. The kids are loving it also. They are in swimming lessons Seth is doing awesome and drives me crazy all morning asking if it time to go yet. Syd on the other hand she loves the water but is still very stranger wary. (I thought we were passed this stage but Sydney really doesn't like a lot of people first off.) The first day she would cry when ever the teacher would touch her. The second day she screamed pretty much the whole lesson. But on the third day (with a lot of bribing) she finally did much better. While Seth is anxiously waiting time to go Syd will say that she doesn't want to swim anymore. I still find it so crazy how different they are. Makes me wonder what number 3 will be like.
We had a great 4th with Kara, James and Elle. It is so fun that the kids are getting older and can enjoy the festivities. We went to a parade and down to the Green Belt to enjoy the booths there. The kids got there faces painted and enjoyed a little to much sugar, got to love a holiday. We were a little nervous about how Sydney would react to the fireworks because the night before when I few were going off she got scared. But she loved them. It was a great night and always a great reminder of how truly blessed we are to live in the LAND OF THE FREE!! Seth is at a very curious stage and kept asking questions like "Where is America?" And Why are we in the United States? I thought we were in Idaho Falls? It is very cute. Can be annoying because with every answer seems to come another question. Michael showed him a map to explain. I love that he wants to learn.
I have lost the cord to the camera but will post pictures soon.

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