Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Time!

Birthday Time around here really makes me tired. I love to make my kids feel special and can't believe that another year has come and gone.

For Sydney's Birthday We had Rainbow party
We had a Pin the Pot Of Gold On the Rainbow Game and a Scavenger hunt than ended with everyone getting a pot of Gold (Baby Food Jar painted gold). We also painted all the girls nails in a rainbow.

Sydney Marie Eaton

Favorite Colors: All the colors of the Rainbow except Black and Brown.
Favorite Subject: Art this girl loves to draw and color!
Best Friend: Elle, Iris, and Emma Mom have lots of Friends.
Favorite thing to do: Draw and color
Favorite toy: Layla Stuffed Giraffe and always has a purse with paper and crayons to color;)

For Seth's Birthday We took a few friends to Fat Cats for bowling and Pizza.

Seth Anthony Eaton

Turned 8 this year and is getting Baptized on November 5th!!
Favorite Color: Orange and BYU Blue
Favorite Subject: Math
Best Friends: Daniel, Joe, Elli
Favorite thing to do: Play Xbox with Dad and Ride my Bike
Favorite Toy: DS

Daddy went to TN So we celebrated twice. Opening and early birthday gift with Nana Wheeler.

Chloe Virgina Eaton

Favorite Color: Purple and pink
Favorite thing to do: Read Books and play with Sydney
Best Friends: Sydney
Favorite toy: Baby Doll and her new panda (Sydney gave it to her for her birthday and she loves it to pieces;)

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