Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunny Days

The Torman family a match made in heaven. Seriously, it stinks that we found this family right before we are leaving: ( Our kids are the same ages Mac is missing in this picture and he is a little younger than Chloe. The best thing is there parents are awesome to.
Sydney, Kenlee, Skyler, Seth and Chloe

They even came to Seth's soccer game to cheer him on.. I think he was a little distracted waving to Skyler but he was able to make two goals.

This is Chloe on top of bread in the back of Mikes truck. He is going to try and get a Bear this spring so he has been getting bread from the discount bread store.
We have had a few blustery days. So I thought I would post some pics and reminding myself that the sun will come out again.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Best!

Sydney will tell her Daddy what color tie he should wear each Sunday so they can today I couldn't resist taking a picture of Daddy with his girls.

I can't beileve how big he is getting.
She is just so adorable.

Life is good here at the Eaton's. I really can not beileve that we are moving again so June. Packing and living out of Suitcases for two months. Should been and adventure. But the kids can''t wait to spend time with cousins. We will be going to Lake Powell with my family and then Plan to head back to the South.
Just yesterday Sydney said "When we move to Tennessee do I get to take all my Barbies?"
Me: We aren't moving back to TN.
Syd: Yes, we are.
Me: Sweetie, we are moving to Utah so Daddy can go to school. We are just going back to TN to visit everyone.
Syd: with her I am so mad face. "You are mean!"

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Little Girl

Some facts about Chloe:

She Loves Books!
She Loves to get her nails painted..she holds really still for you.
Favorite candy are M&M's. She gets so excited when she sees them.
She calls me "Mom" not Ma ma and She calls Dad just "Da"
She adores her sibling and when she is in trouble she will run to he Bubba for some loves. She wants to be just like Sydney and will even want me to dress her in Syd's clothes.
She has to have a spoon when she eats and she does really well with it.
She gives the best loves!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just some thoughts...

I was realizing today how good life is...I am sure this has a lot to do with the fact that it reached 63 degrees. It was wonderful! I swept out the garage while the girls rode around in the drive way. I love a clean garage, especially after a long winter when it is impossible to keep clean. I love the sound of my kids playing together and they do really love each other. The girls adore their brother and he is so good to them. It always amazes me what a great big brother he is. Sometimes, I feel bad that he doesn't have a little brother but he doesn't seem to mind. (Maybe, we will have to try to get another little boy around here soon;) Not an announcement just a thought got to get mike on board.

I got to do some photography this past weekend. It was my first wedding with out Kara Jo...I was nervous but I had a photographer friend come help me out. She is awesome! Thanks Kacey for taking time out of your busy schedule to come shoot with me:) Go check her out here:
A couple of pics from the wedding

Poor Chloe is getting like 6 teeth in right now. She has also been showing interest in the potty. I know crazy she is only 18 months. I am not holding my breath but I do try and get her to go in the potty. We have had some success. Her personality is coming out more and more she can be such a little flirt. She will give strangers the silliest smile where she will squint her eyes and scrunch up her nose...have yet to capture it in a picture but it is so funny! She thinks that she can keep up the big kids but is also a real Momma's girl...I think this has to do with the teeth coming in. We adore her around her and it think she knows it;)

I can't believe it is April already. Seth keeps telling me that he doesn't want to move anymore and that Dad should just get another job and not go to school. It is getting harder to move now that they are getting older. I feel bad that he has to go to another school. I know that he will be fine but he has made some great friends here. Blake, Dallin and Skyler are his best friends. We always tease him that Skyler is his Girlfriend. We love her, she is adorable and her parents are awesome! I think we need to bring back arranged marriages and get these to together in 20 years;)
Seth's Kindergarten Class

Mike is out of town again this week in TN this time. It has been a learning experience having him out of town so often. Even though it has gotten a little easier... I hate it! The kids miss him and I miss him more!!! Syd often tells me that I am not the Boss. Only daddy is. He often tells me it is worse for him. But it still stinks having him gone. He is awesome though, he would do anything for us we are very lucky to have him...Miss you Hun!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I love this Crazy Little girl...I love that she wants to stay little. The other day I took Seth to school and asked Sydney if she wanted to start school her response:
Syd: " No I am going to stay home with you and Chloe forever."
Me: "Don't you want to go and learn and make new friends."
Syd: "Mom, I already have friends and if I need more I can make them up anytime I want."
She still has her two imagination friends Kelly and Courtney and apparently she is okay with never going to school and staying home with me. I am okay with that too. It will be a sad day for me when she is doesn't need me anymore(sniff).

We had a great Easter..I dyed eggs with the kids while Mike was a priesthood it was a lot of fun...I was nervous... Miss Sydney spills everything and I mean everything..She is worse than Chloe. But we made it through without any mishaps. I added vinegar to the egg dye and it made the colors turn so bright. Chloe like to suck on the eggs....yuck!
The Bunny came to hide the baskets and the kids woke up way to early to find them. Sydney got a tinker bell umbrella (her other one broke and she has been asking for a new one for ages.) She was very glad that the Easter bunny knew she needed one and she got Thumbellina from Becky. Seth got a How to Train your Dragon T-shirt (something he has also been requesting to get) and some cars from Becky. A boy can never have too many cars. So, I saw the cutest little Cabbage patch doll dressed as a bunny that I picked up for Chloe thinking that she would adore it. She took it and threw it down... she hated it! I was sooo disappointed. She has now warmed up to it but it wasn't the first reaction I had in mind. I guess two out of three isn't bad. Charity also gave the kids a cake decorating thing kinda like easy bake oven. (They really have the best Aunts ever!!)We had a great Easter Sunday and enjoyed listening to conference. I feel an even greater desire to be a better Mom. I mean look at them wouldn't you want them Forever... I sure do!

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