Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Eaton Family

All the Eaton's were together for the holiday because of these two "Love Birds." Sandra was a beautiful Bride and She got a good one, Brent just went with the flow (smart man;) ....The wedding was so nice and we were so happy that we were able to be there.
I didn't get many at the temple because Chloe wouldn't let me put her down(Don't worry Sandra Kara was snapping away and I do have a few :)
The week went by so fast and the kids had a blast playing with cousins. Chloe on the other had was done and ready to go home to her bed...I realized on the plane ride home that her molars were coming through and that was probably why she was extra clingy. It just gets so hard when you have a belly in the way! She got used to Daddy being around and has been fussing for him a lot the past few days. Well, Life is busy around here and I am feeling way overwhelmed to get everything done before Christmas....The whole being pregnant things really slows me down! I can't beileve that She will be here in February that seems so close...I am not ready yet! I am really nervous how I am going to do FOUR I feel stretched already.

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Novemeber already!

I really can not beileve how fast time is going. Life is Busy with the three it seems like most days are filled to over flowing. Michael has been busy with school but things are starting to slow down a bit. He recently traveled to New Jersey to interveiw with Honeywell for an internship for the summer. It has been hard to be thinking that far ahead.....it's been a whirl wind of interviews and networking but it paid off. He was extend an offer too intern with the company. So it looks like we will get to spend the summer in Morristown, NJ. We are excited and grateful for the amazing opportunity and feel very blessed to have secured and internship so early in the year.

Seth is doing amazing! I recently had a parent Teacher conference and his teacher said that "Seth is my Shining student!" She had nothing but great things to say about what a great kid Seth is and how kind he is to he fellow classmates. I feel like he is spoiling me with how easy he is. He can sit down and do his homework without help and has been able to get 100's on all his spelling tests (and I forget to quiz him on them.)
Interview with teacher:
Favorite part of school: writing, Math and computers.
Hardest part of school: nothing
Who are your favorite friends: Joe B,. Matthew, Lauren, Sarayne
He has started taking piano and is doing very well. Seth surprises me everyday with what a great kid he is but he can also be such a challenge! He drives me absolutely batty because he is always bored!! He obsesses over things (which has been helpful in some areas like school) he will want to do somethings over and over to the point of no control....usually the computer or xbox. we love him anyway;)

Silly Sydney, sometimes I am not sure where this girl is. She has the biggest imagination that I just don't get!! Her funniest thing is she likes to collect the oddest things....Like candy wrappers and tiny pieces of paper( aka trash) but she will also have a rock and a toy or two. when I try to throw it away she gets so upset! She has a reason behind each item in her collection. She is loving preschool. I was a little worried that she wasn't catching on because at home she gets so distracted. However, her teacher says that she is doing Great and will be more than ready for Kindergarten next year. She has a ton of little friends her age that she gets to see regularly (I feel bad for Seth because there aren't any boys his age.)
Chloe is the little Mother, it's very funny. She will get onto Seth and Sydney but also try and comfort them when they are sad, it is so sweet. The other day I threatened Sydney with a spanking and before I knew it Chloe was over taking care of it for me with a very stern No! It was Hilarious! She is officially a BIG GIRL not is size still only 23 lbs. but she has conquered the potty much to my surprise...I have no secret just that she wants to be like her big sister so badly that with enough prodding it actually stuck. Because she is still so tiny most her pants slide right off her. She really needed the extra padding from a diaper:) She is a very social little girl and loves to give anyone loves. She will not watch T.V. even when I desperately need to distract her the only thing that will work is her Brother and Sister, she adores them. This Chloe after she got into my makeup!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I kinda like him..

He makes me happy...even though he is leaving tomorrow:( I know you will do great at your interveiw. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Three Crazy little Clowns....

I was sad I forgot to put her ruffle on in the first round of pictures....and it was too much to hope for another round.....
My mom made the girls costumes when I was little...there is even one for Michael and I. We are suppose to dress up tomorrow....this was for the ward party.

He did like is costume (I am pretty proud of myself for making it.) he is just being a Sad Clown.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We have a Two Year Old

Chloe Virginia

You can't help but love her! She is just so sweet....She is still our tiny little girl and I wouldn't want it any other way. Chloe is so lovable and wants to give hugs and kisses all day. She also wants to be just like Sydney; which she is totally okay with her at least for now anyway;) We are still working on the potty and are taking it one day at a time. She is talking so much....and has been trying to discover her independence. She wants to it all herself and lets me know it! We just love her to pieces!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Game Day

Love this picture of Chloe cheering with Daddy!

It's Seth Birthday this week and so we thought we would all go to the BYU game on Saturday. The kids were so excited and we had a blast. To make even better we Won! Go Cougars!!! We then went out to eat to Celebrate Seth. He will be 7 On Thursday. He surprises me everyday with what a good kid he is. I love how easy going he is. He is only hard on himself and expects so much of himself, that I have to remind him that it is okay to have to "try" before he gets something. He is an awesome big brother and a great kid all around. Our family just wouldn't be the same without him.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rain Rain

It has been a gloomy week. Rain everyday. I am not sure I am ready for winter yet....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

We love her!

She turns FIVE today and I really can't beileve it!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trying My Patience

This little one make look all sweet and innocent but guess what she turns "2" in October and we have been getting a taste of the dramatic side of Chloe. I remember thinking that 2 wasn't very difficult with Sydney and that when she turned 3 we had the issues with the drama. I am not sure what has happen to my sweet little girl the past few days but she been having the hardest time letting me know what she wants.....Sometimes, it is actually kinda funny she will stomp her foot and yell at me and then throw herself on the floor (I can totally see her doing this as a teenager; it's a little freaky and let's hope she won't throw herself on the floor when she's 13)....most the time I have NO idea what brings on this lovely behavior besides the fact that my wonderful sleeper has decided to not want to go to bed....So, tonight I needed a little reminder of why she is just so Dang Cute!
Can we say CHEEESE!

Looks are DECEIVING!
The End

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lot's going on in these parts....

We have been in Provo Utah for 2 1/2 weeks we are almost completely unpacked...And really as many times as we have moved you would think that we would be down to the barenecessities but seriously how to we have soooo much STUFF!!! It is shocking really and sad that some of it was in boxes for the past 2 years! It is nice to feel like we are settling in and so fun to learn the things to do in a new city. We have been so lucky already to have meet so great new friends. Sydney has already had a play date (this was after she told me "Mom I don't think there are any kids in this City.") She is in heaven with her new buddy Iris and asks everyday to see her.

Seth has started FIRST Grade! I am still in shock! He was so excited to start school and not the least bit nervous to be starting at a different school. Although, he did say that he really wished is best friends Blake and Dallin we going to be there. On his first day when the girls and I were walking back to the car I told Sydney, "Won't it be fun to have just a girl's day?" She was all excited and said, "Yeah, I love girl's day!" Not even five minutes later she said "Mom, I miss Seth." I said "But we are having a girl's day." She said,"But I just love Seth. He is just so nice to me!" I am glad that they still have a great brother sister relationship.

Chloe has finally been a little weed and has grown some. She is talking like crazy and has become a little parrot when Seth or Sydney is talking she will try and repeat them. It is so funny and cute...which encourages this behavior when we all chuckle at her cuteness. She is 22 months and says Please thank you, Mom, Dad, Seth, Sis, potty, No, Yes, Bite, dink(drink), mo (more), I luv eww!, Puppy, baby, Silly, Nasty (mainly when I am changing her diaper), mine, up, out, Cheese, popo(pillow), izza (pizza) iken (chicken) and many more. I have been really surprised and how much her vocabulary has boomed in the past few weeks and it's so much fun!

Mike has begun orientation and has already been busy, busy! He is excited for all the program has to offer and how much he will learn and grow from the experience. He is anxious to get started with the actually classes and to find out how very busy he will be.

Me, well I have been trying to just keep it together....it has been overwhelming. Mainly because I hate unpacking and having a messy house and not even knowing where to put anything. Well, most of you already know but for those who haven't heard we are expecting! I know what was I thinking!!!! We are very excited number 4 will be here in February. I am around 14 weeks and starting to feel some what better..I think! So life will be busy around here! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summertime in the South...

Wow! It was sure was a great summer with all the family in Tennessee. The kids are missing everyone and I am missing snuggling up with all those cute babies!! Papa always had something to keep Seth and Syd out of trouble like going fishing or pick'in veggies from the garden.

The one time I braved the heat to do a little Fish'in
(If mike had his way this would be blown up and placed on our wall as our new family picture)

Chloe wasn't so sure what to think of the fish...
Seth and Syd going out with Papa and Daddy

Into the Garden... I miss it! I loved how the kids were so willing to go and pick out all the veggies from the garden. The corn and watermelon were amazingly good....I hear so is the squash but I never tried it... not a fan. One day we will have to have our own garden it just tastes so much better.
I love how they have no shoes on...so country.

Sydney was so funny trying to shoot the BB gun...I think she just liked that it was Pink.
Seth became quit the shot and was very proud of his skills.
More pics to come....

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Best Place on Earth!

Nope not Disneyland although Disneylad is a very close second....I love Lake Powell! I think it is because it makes me think of growing up and how much fun we would have on the lake as kids. I must admit now that I am a MOM I get a liitle nervous about how dangerous my water loving activites can be...really going that fast with my kids hanging onto a tube by rope got me a little nervous, I mean what if we hit a rock or something. But it was great to see them loving it! Seth had a ball on the tube and Sydney even suprised us with how fast she wanted to go. Chloe is a brave little one and LOVES the water. I was really nervous about this but was glad that once we found the perfect cove with a nice liitle beach for her to dig in until her hearts content. It was a great week! It wasn't too hot and the boat was awesome. We had one very windy day that lets just say made the week interesting! We missed having Megan her family and Carrie along for the adventure... it was good family fun!!

The Lake
Thanks Daddy for beinging a tropper and joining in on the fun (Mike has learned that water activites really aren't his cup of tea, oops he married the wrong girl....good thing he is a good sport and pretends to enjoy himself...I sercectly thinks he LOVES it!)

The Crew

Bath Time

Cute Boys

The girls thought having a spa on the boat was so neat...So did I!

Matching swim suits! Ironically all bought without the others knowing. Go Target clerance!!

Goof Balls!!

I just can't get enough of this Girl she is just so fun!!

Sweet Sydney Girl...

Uncle Brent and Clo bug going for a spin...

Just so sweet!
My other kids will be jealous when they look back and see more pics of Chloe but really how can a resist!
The water slide...all the kids loved it!!

Hanging out on the Deck...
Even though Chloe looks mad she loved helping Papa drive the boat...

Thanks Nana and Papa for the fun week we love you!!!

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