Friday, March 26, 2010

Craft Happy!

I have been staying up way too late but at least I have something to show for it...I have been in need for a pin cushion and I saw this pattern and I forgot to save the sight but it was very easy to friend Kacey came over the other night We rented did you hear about the Morgans..not really sure if it was very good or not... we talked a lot:) But we also made these cute Easter fun!!

Isn't she a doll..I think so!! I made this little dress for her...I took the top half of a shirt and sew the skirt around the bottom...This little things still won't talk much...But I have a feeling that she is just messing with us and knows exactly what she is doing. She is still only 20 pounds, is in 12 months clothes and wear only a size 3 shoe...She went to nursery on Sunday it is a few weeks early but we teach and she is getting harder to keep in control. She looked so tiny in there I thought the other kids were going to beat her up! She loved it though and I was glad.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The weather has been awesome lately, I am trying to just enjoy it...I am sure we will get some more nasty weather but for now the sun is shining and it is wonderful!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Trip.

Getting back into the swing of things as been a little challenging. It is nice to be back with the family although Mike has to leave us yet again for work next week. I think we are getting a little too used to separation; ) Just kidding I and the kids will miss him a ton!!!!! So here we are... my Trip was AWESOME get ready for picture overload!!!

Before the Ice show...Yes there was an ice skating rink on the ship. The show was really good. I was very impressed with the entertainment on the ship.

Labadee, Haiti

Me and my Mom...
Pirates in Jamaica...

This was sooo Amazing and fun!
Shark Attack!!!
Me and Dad...
Tulum Ruins Mexico...
The two hottest chicas on the boat..thanks for being my roomie...I am going through Sandra withdrawals.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So Sweet!

I often find these two in the same bed together. Tonight Chloe started fussing so I went down to get her and looked in and saw them in the same bed again. When I had tucked them in separately (yes, they are on he floor we old Seth's bunk beds we didn't want to move them again.) We ordered the girls a bed and figured Seth can use our old Queen for now. I am not so sure he will be willing to give up his roomie :) I bet he will end up sleeping in her bed with her most nights! I love that they are close.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where to begin... was awesome! The weather kinda stunk some, a little over cast some days, but overall I got some sun,spoiled by my Dad and some much needed girl talk. I can't complain. I got back to a clean house the laundry folded and No dishes in the sink...why don't I leave more often right?! Thank you a million times over Diane for watching them they had a ball. They have been talking about coming to Tennessee all day.
Sydney asked tonight "Mom why did we have to leave TN?
Me: "Daddy didn't have a job anymore so we had to move."
Sydney: "But it just stinks!"
She continued to say how unfair it is that she doesn't get to play with Elle, Aubree, and Ginny and that it makes her want to cry. So Sweet! We love family!!!
I got back to life and was not ready for it. I have had a "Vacation Hangover" and it has been hard to get back into the swing of things. And this week has been packed full We had something going every night.
Let's started on Mon: the longest travel day EVER started in Florida at 5am (3am Idaho time) Got to Vegas plane is late wait, wait, wait... get to SLC at 3pm missed shuttle(after I ran to try and catch it). Get on shuttle at 4pm. Finally arrive in Idaho Falls at 7:45pm. Didn't get to bed until 11pm....TIRED!
It was so nice to hold my Baby!
Tues: Seth had wrestling; Sydney and Daddy had dress rehearsal for her recital (it was a Daddy daughter dance),
Wed: Syd had another dress rehearsal for the jazz number,
Chloe watching Sis..She has also become quite the little dancer.
Thurs: We had a birthday party at Leo's. Which the kids had a blast but I was exhausted after chasing Chloe all night (she thinks she can keep up with the big kids).
Fri:We had everyone up for dinner because it was Mamaw's last night in town. This meant a trip to the Grocery store with three kids...good times. The dinner was great and nice to have everyone up to visit.
Sat: Mamaw left us this morning tear, tear....I am glad that she stay some extra time. It was nice to have her around (and not just for the benefits of the folded laundry). Sydney had her recital so I spent the day tearing my house apart looking for the dance shoes...couldn't find them so had to run to the store. I also couldn't get our video camera to charge and mike couldn't figure out the issue either Frustrating!! I need Sunday!!!!
Sydney and Daddy did great on there dances and it was sooo fun to watch! She was so excited and didn't get nervous at all. We were able to borrow a friends camera I will post the video soon. Lastly her is a few pics of her today...
Getting ready to go
Dancing Buddy Kenlee
Sydney,Kenlee and Skyler
I think we know who Chloe looks like...

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