Sunday, May 31, 2009

Don't Cry for me Tenneessee!

Life is hard but that is how we learn, right?? I sometimes feel the my troubles are soooo insignificant than most so I find it hard to really complain about my life because I know that I have it really great!! But at the same time I am coming to realize (usually during the irrational time of the month) that is is okay to feel. To be FRUSTRATED, ANGRY, SAD, and ANNOYED at life and life challenges. We are leaving TN and heading back to Idaho come Monday and I must admit that I am feeling all of the above. It has been incredibly annoying to have to pack up a barely unpacked house (gratefully because we were renting I left a lot in boxes.) I was more than skeptical when we were moving here and I told myself that I would make the most of it (but to honest didn't think that I would really like it.) I was pleasantly surprised with a great ward and some awesome girls to hang out with and of course family relationships that have grown more than ever since we have been here. Unfortunately, life threw us a curve ball and the one thing that was not working out at all was Michael's employment (kinda important). It became very apparent that there were too many "empty promises" made and that we needed to find other means of employment. Even though I am so sad to be leaving and find it so hard to think about resettling again (new ward, new girls to get to know ARGGG!!) I am grateful for the experiences that have made me appreciate life and especially family.

Thanks for being a great Sister in law and friend. Thanks for taking the boy to school everyday and taking care of all he school needs ( I will have to pay attention next year). You are the funniest girl ever!! STOP second guessing yourself and trust that you will make the right decision. STICK up for yourself and don't let people take advantage of your generosity, you are truly one of the most generous people I know. I love you and all the fun we have together. Can't wait until July. You will have the best birthday ever because you will be with me ( so that means it will be impossible to be sad). Love ya girlie!!

Kara Jo,
Your are such a beautiful and talented person. I really appreciate you and all you do for me. Thanks for teaching me Photography and starting me on a sewing kick (I never would have gotten stared) it has been so fun. I especially want to say thanks for always being a friend to me. I am going to miss letting the girls hang out. I love that they are developing such a close relationship, even though it is such a Love- Hate relationship. I know that the chances that we will live close when the boys settle down may not be possible but I hope that the girls will always be great cousins. I will miss you guys but am glad that I get to still see you when you come to Idaho.
Love you tons!!

I am so jealous of all that you can do and still function. You are an awesome mother and great Aunt! My kids love going to Nae's and playing with your kids. Seth and Ginny have always been such great friends and I am glad that Sydney and Aubree got to bond. They play so well together. You spoil them too much and I thank you for loving them so much. You inspire me to think more of others by how much you take on and are always so willing to do. We love you and your family and will miss you all!!

Mamaw and Papa,
I really can't Thank you enough for all you do for us. I am so glad that even though the time was short that we were able to come and that the kids were able to bond with their Grandparents. Thanks for looking after us and making sure that we were taken care of. We have made some great memories that wouldn't mean near as much with out you in them. We love you and will miss you so very much!!!

So, I just wanted to say "Don't cry for me Tennessee!" I know you want too! We love you all!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Michael's parents neighbor Mr. John has the most beautiful land and tons of great areas to take pictures. Here are some of our Sydney girl. Kara and I started sewing a few weeks back and this is one of the dresses I made Syd.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Sisters, Sisters"
Sydney and Chloe are having more and more fun playing together. I saw them the other day having there first Tea party it was so adorable. (I tired to get pictures but they didn't turn out.)

Seth wanted to take this wheat home and make bread with it. He is always so inquisitive and asking what things are for. The other day we were driving and he asked what Lightning was made of and why? Each answer he has another question.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happiest place on Earth!!

My Dad is the biggest kid I know and he LOVES Disneyland. He took us when we were in CA and the kids love, love, loved it! We even got to stay in the Grand California Hotel right at Disneyland. Thanks Dad for an awesome trip!!

Relaxing after a hard day at play!

Chloe at Pixie Hollow

Tea cups, I love to spin! I think it is relaxing but Michael hates it. So I get to take the kids on every ride. YAY!!!

The whole fam with Mickey

They got to go to Ariel's Grotto to eat with the Princesses. Syd was in heaven and barely touched her food.

Chloe's first Princess Pic.
It was an awesome trip to California. We also went the beach and even though it was chilly the kids had a blast. The trip ended up being longer than planned because my Grandma went into a coma. We stayed becasue it looked as though she would not make it.

Marie Accevedo Wheeler died on May 2nd do to kidney failure. My Grandma, Aublita, to my kids was a women unlike any other and especially not like any other Grandma. She was classy and spunky and was so excited to be returning to her husband Bryon after being separated for 7 years. The funeral was great and it was fun to see everyone. (We had sick kids and it was time to get home but it all went well and I was so glad that I was able to be there.)

Monday, May 11, 2009

7 Year Itch!

Oh boy I am scratching!! 7 years ago today in the beautiful LA Temple surrounded by family and friends I got the best gift ever an eternal companion. (I know so CHEESY!! But I had to say it.) I really think that I married the best guy for me. He will forever drive me crazy but then I am sure he can claim the same of me. It has been a great 7 years full of awesome memories and 3 beautiful children. I must say that the past year(years) has been a long one but has taught us some great life lessons.

1. The gospel is true.
2. Moving is expensive.(we are officially moving back to Idaho. I know crazy!!)
3. Life is to short to worry about things you can't change.
4. Living next to family is awesome. (We will miss you all and the free babysitting:)
5. Enjoy friendships while you can because you'll never know when you will have to say goodbye.
6. Kids grow up too fast!
7. Letting it go does wonders!(I have really worked on this I used to let thing fester.)

I love you!!

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