Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seth Home!!

YEAH! My boy is home. He has been very sweet. He keeps telling me "Mom your just so glad I'm home huh?" I sure am. My Sister was also up today and I had made the girls tutu's they had fun playing in them.


Sandra said...

Well, I'm glad he's home I guess. I miss him a ton already. I am already anxiously awaiting Christmas.

Renee and Jake said...

The real smile is back. You made those tutu's, CUTE!!! I know you are glad to have the stinker back home but we sure enjoyed him. I love the jackets, flip-flops, and popsicles.

KEAT said...

Love the tutus! Sydney is a favorite for all of her girl cousins I am sure. I bet the kids are glad to be reunited again. We are excited to watch them this weekend!

Misti said...

Amy congrats on baby #3, Marshall didn't tell me. Do you know what you are having? I am so happy you have a blog, we need to get together it has been too long. Your kids are getting so old, they are so cute!

Kyra said...

wow- a week without seth must have been quiet! love catchign up through your blog-

Ashley Lamb said...

cute tutu's and even cuter girls. Miss you guys and love you lots!

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