Friday, September 19, 2008


Our little girl turns 3 tomorrow!! How the time flies. Syd is such a funny little girl she really has her very own personality and I can not wait to see the wonderful person that she is growing into.

Here are some insights on Sydney Marie Eaton

She loves... pink, to sing, milk, shoes, Tico (our dog), taking baths, getting dirty, swimming, her baby doll, Barbie movies, wearing dresses, playing outside, anything princess, animals/zoo, popsicles, books, stuffed animals....

She hates.... dropping Seth off at school, meeting new people, bugs, pickles (recently she thinks that they are on everything), her hair in her face, being woken up, when Seth and Daddy spank her bootie, when you call her panties "underwear"...

The cutest thing Sydney has been doing lately is when it is dark outside she says look up at that stars and then will say that's Daddy's Star. Then she will continue to point out stars in the sky for Me and Seth. The other night she gave me the moon.

She will always be our sweet Sydney even when she isn't so sweet.



Boo Monster Becky said...

she is so stinkin cute! I was really glad that I got to go to her party yesterday. It was a cute party. I am going to miss you guys when you move.

Frog Family said...

Soooo cute. Thanks for having such a fun party of her. My girls had a blast. Kamrie has been in a princess dress every second we have been home since the party. She is sound asleep in one right now actually. We are sure gonna miss you guys.

Sandra said...

I love it. I love that little Sydney. She is so stinkin funny and sweet. I've never had anyone give me the moon. How sweet is that. Love you guys.

Renee and Jake said...

Happy Birthday Sydney. I love the top picture of her with the flowers. She is beautiful. I can not wait to you guys are down here and we can know her better.

The Welling Family said...


Hi! It's Caddie. Sandra's old roomie and friend of yours from Ricks College. I found Sandra's blog through Alyssa and I saw your name on her blog list, so I couldn't resist but to say "hi". You have such a cute family. I wasn't sure if it was your blog at first cause most of the pics are of your kids, but one of your boys is like a mini Michael. Anyways, I might pop in once and awhile to see what you're up to cause it's always fun to see what old friends are up to. Feel free to say "hi" on my blog at

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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