Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yesterday my silly girl stuck a watch battery in her ear!! She came to me an said oopps mommy my ears stuck! Luckily Michael and I were able to get it out with out taking her to the doctor. She is such silly girl so far she has stuck two things in her ears and something up her nose. Seth never stuck things anywhere. You think you know kids and then they always find ways to surprise you.


Sandra said...

Cute picture! She is so silly.

Chare said...

That is one of my favorite pictures ever!! Ha, and I love how Syd likes to hide things in her ears...thats cute! haha

Boo Monster Becky said...

That is a great picture!

The Hoskins Family said...

I've been thinking about you guys lately. We ought to catch up sometime. Such a cute picture. And a good laugh thinking about the craziness of motherhood!

Renee and Jake said...

Love the picture of the two of you, you both look great. Both my girls have managed ways to stick things where they do not belong. Maybe boys are better, but you would think they would be the one doing that stuff. Seth is such a well behaved kid anyway.

Brandon, Lesley and Drew said...

Oh my goodness! Hello Mike and Amy! I am so glad you found my blog! How are you guys? I can't believe how big Seth is! And last I saw Sydney she was tiny! And you have three now! Chloe is adorable! Tenn huh? How is life in the south? I am so glad I get to see your cute family! Cute blog dude!!

Frog Family said...

That's so cute. Lexi went through that phase too. She stuck a bead up her nose and it was a very expensive oops. Cute Picture of you & Syd by the way.

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