Thursday, November 12, 2009

Clo Bug

As my kids grow it is so interesting to watch them. They are all such unique individuals and even though I wish that I can freeze time and keep them little, I can't wait for what the future holds.
I really can't believe that this little girl is one because she isn't walking yet or talking for that matter, this girl likes to take her time.
Since the beginning and I mean the beginning she has not been in a hurry although she like to tease... Let me explain... For two weeks before her due date she tricked me into thinking that she was going to arrive early. Which was good because we were in the middle of a move but she was a "tease" and I still had to be induced to get her here in time to move. But she arrived with little trouble and she was an easy going baby, not to demanding.

Then for months she acted like she was about to crawl but she was just teasing and didn't until around 10 months. Don't get me wrong it was nice having her stay put but she was such a little "tease" getting up on her knees acting like she was about to move forward and them just sitting back up and smiling like "Not yet Mom I do it when I feel like it."
Well, I am glad that she likes to take her time! She is at a fun stage she is talking in her own language and the only real word she knows is "Hi" but her babbling is so adorable. She is not close at all to walking but true to her nature she will "tease" by standing up and smiling at you but she will not take at step for all the coaxing in the world!
She is obsessed with the toilet. I know GROSS! She loves to sneak in there and play in the water and loves to hear it flush...hopefully this means she will be easy to potty train. Wishful thinking?

She is still my best eater which should go against the universe...I was a horribly picker eater. This girl loves her fruit and veggies and will eat mostly anything.

Even though she a little "tease" I think we are going to keep her!


Kara said...

love her, cant wait to give her a squeeze!

Sandra said...

It's so fun seeing them in all their different stages. It'll also be fun to see what they are like in the future. Hopefully they will still love their Sandra!

Amber Kei said...

I absolutely love when they fun for you!

Renee and Jake said...

ad. I think it is the 3rd child stuff. Will did not walk until 18 months and will be 2 next month and does not talk at all. However, he or sure comprehends what is being said. Chloe is such a cute booger and so sweet. Her smile melts you.

The Hurley's said...

She has gotten so big can't wait to see her.

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