Sunday, May 23, 2010

Days to remember...

My Kids love to have friends over to play and it really is nice for me to they stay out of my way and I can actually accomplish a thing or two. It is sad that our time in Idaho is ending again...who knows we might me back before it is all said and done. Once again we have to bid farwell to friends and Seth is not pleased at all about this. It is going to harder to move has they get older.

Love these pictures of the girls Sydney and Ashlynn having some girl talk.
Blake and Seth have to play it cool and then start to wrestle.
It was a nice Spring day not to chilly.


Kara said...

so cute! Its great to have friends, atleast they get to make lots of different friends! It will force them to be more outgoing:)

Anonymous said...

Sad you are moving:( Thanks we cant wait!

AubreyandTerry said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for posting them. Blake and Ashlyn will be really sad to lose your sweet kids! When excactly are ya'll moving? We would love to have the kids over one last time before you do. Maybe I can take them so you can get some packing done? Let me know.

Robert and Charity said...

I just love them. Im wondering where chloe was with all this action though? ha, she is such a pistol!

Kyra said...

where to now eaton family??

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