Sunday, January 2, 2011


December it's gone already....It's a little depressing! Now we just have the cold snow to deal with! It was a good month. Mike survived is first semester and pulled out some amazing grades (which he seemed surprised by, but I am just glad that he was doing some studying and not just hanging out with the boys;) I am officially 35 weeks and counting....Exciting but I am actually really nervous for this little girl to come. She is easy on the inside...uncomfortable but easier. Some things we did this month...
Decorated the tree..
Went to a BYU Basketball game in Salt Lake

Made Rice Krispie Christmas Trees

Went to Temple Square to look at the "Eye Candy" (that is what our kids call Christmas lights.)
Seth in the Tabernacle.
Me and my Girls

Seth made this cute Reindeer and school...
It was a great month getting ready for Christmas
We had a crazy Christmas in California this year with all the Wheeler cousin's. We had rain for 4 days but the kids made do with the Garage to play in. We also got out for a movie and Disney on Ice which was a lot of fun. The kids got spoiled for Christmas and are still enjoying there loot. The favorite for the girls was the Pillow pets from Nana and Papa and Seth can't get enough x box time in with his new Transformers game.

Nana and Papa with all the Grand-kids...
Newest Member of the Wheeler Family Callie Ann Wheeler

It seems like we can't travel without someone getting sick and poor Chloe was the lucky one. She scared us a little when you mouth turned blue and her fever would go away for the whole week. So we had to head home a little earlier than planned and get her to the doctor. She had a UTI and was put on antibiotics and perked up the next day. Not sure why she had the breathing issue, hopefully it won't happen again.
We area excited for the new year.....Bring on 2011!


Sandra and Brent said...

Sheesh, I miss those kiddos and their parents too.

Robert and Charity said...

What cuties!!! I cant wait for number 4 to get here!!

Presley family said...

Man.... those are a LOT of grankids! wink! They are all adorable!!! What camera do you shoot with?? ... just wondering

Hoskins Family said...

Four is one her way! I can hardly believe it! Where oh where does the time go? Brace yourself, four is a circus!! Just kidding...well sort of kidding!

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