Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life with Four

Surprisingly, life with four is going very well. We are busy and I forget how long it can get out of the door when you need to change a diaper before you leave. But i am please to say that I am completely sane and this is surprise to me. (I was expecting the worst.) I am very grateful for all the help I have had from awesome friends to get settled. And it was so nice to have Mom Eaton out for a week to spoil the little ones and get in some bonding time with Claire. we are blessed and I am so grateful for my little family.
These pictures were taken on last Sunday and the outfits we not planned I didn't even realize we were coordinated until I saw the pictures.
My Girls
This is the first family photo we have gotten and I think it turned out really good.
Thanks Mamaw for coming to see us, We love you!


Beke said...

Glad you are keeping your sanity. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Sandra and Brent said...

So cute! I need to hold that baby Claire. It's probably a good thing I can't. I might want one of my very own.

diane said...

What a wonderful family picture! I may have to get me one blown up, you have such a beautiful family, and I love you all so much..thanks for having me and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Kristin said...

So sweet! You look BEAUTIFUL!...and your kids all look so happy! Good job, mama!

Renee and Jake said...

beautiful.....i love color coordinating

Amber Kei said...

Way cute! Thank you so much for writing me. It helps to hear from other people. Yes, it helped so much to vomit that out there. I know it was weird and crazy, but it helped a lot. Today was good. Just a day at a time. Mostly, if things start turning down at all I am moving onto the next step.
Amazing how just letting the universe know I was struggling I feel much better. Anyhow, thanks again. Glad to hear you're doing well. Your children are adorable!

Mel said...

seriously cute family pic! thanks for sharing your blog! ":)

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