Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Time!

Birthday Time around here really makes me tired. I love to make my kids feel special and can't believe that another year has come and gone.

For Sydney's Birthday We had Rainbow party
We had a Pin the Pot Of Gold On the Rainbow Game and a Scavenger hunt than ended with everyone getting a pot of Gold (Baby Food Jar painted gold). We also painted all the girls nails in a rainbow.

Sydney Marie Eaton

Favorite Colors: All the colors of the Rainbow except Black and Brown.
Favorite Subject: Art this girl loves to draw and color!
Best Friend: Elle, Iris, and Emma Mom have lots of Friends.
Favorite thing to do: Draw and color
Favorite toy: Layla Stuffed Giraffe and always has a purse with paper and crayons to color;)

For Seth's Birthday We took a few friends to Fat Cats for bowling and Pizza.

Seth Anthony Eaton

Turned 8 this year and is getting Baptized on November 5th!!
Favorite Color: Orange and BYU Blue
Favorite Subject: Math
Best Friends: Daniel, Joe, Elli
Favorite thing to do: Play Xbox with Dad and Ride my Bike
Favorite Toy: DS

Daddy went to TN So we celebrated twice. Opening and early birthday gift with Nana Wheeler.

Chloe Virgina Eaton

Favorite Color: Purple and pink
Favorite thing to do: Read Books and play with Sydney
Best Friends: Sydney
Favorite toy: Baby Doll and her new panda (Sydney gave it to her for her birthday and she loves it to pieces;)


Beke said...

Thanks for the updates. Those kids are so cute...I love that the only two colors Syd didn't like are not even in a rainbow!

Amber Kei said...

So cute! Wow - that makes me tired too! I know what it takes to throw a party - no matter what it is. How fun!!

Sandra and Brent said...

Love the update! Their birthdays are all so close to each other. Super cute kids.

Misti said...

Your kids are adorable! Marsh had such a great time with mike! You are most amazing, brave mom, taking all 4 kids to california alone!

Lisa said...

So cute! I loved all the pictures! I can't believe that Seth is getting baptized in a week! Where has the time gone? I remember when you brought him home from the hospital!

We miss you guys! Are you making a visit to Idaho any time soon?!?!?!? Tell Mike and the family hi from us!

Presley family said...

Looks like so much fun and hard work on your part. You are such a wonderful Mommy! Seriously, awesome! BIG HUGS my friend!

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