Friday, July 18, 2008

Last Day of Swimming Lessons

I guess her pony was bugg'in her!

Seth was complaining about the sun being to bright.

She looked so nervous but was so proud of her self.


Renee and Jake said...

WOW!! Syd is already old enough for swim lessons? They grow so quick.Seth just does not like to be hot, when he was here, every time we were outside for just a few minutes he wanted to come in because her was too hot. What a cutie.

Sandra said...

That's funny that your sun is so sensitive to the sun. It makes me laugh. I love you guys and hope things are going okay!

Shelley said...

You're kids are so adorable! Stumbled across your blog through Kara's! HOpe you don't mind me peaking in on you every once in a while. --Wanted to let you know our little family is thinking about yours. We are so sorry for the tragic loss of Micheal's boss. You and his family are in our prayers! -Shell

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