Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still no Baby!

Well, the patience is wearing thin but I am still trying to be in good spirirts. In the time we are preparing for the move. We have sold of few things like our big sectional couch and deep freezer. But the hardest thing to say goodbye to was Tico our sweet puppy.

Okay, I will be a little honest and say that I am grateful to have the responsibility any more but he really was a good dog. As we weighed the options of taking him with us we realized it wasn't practical considering we will be renting. Syd has been so confuesed about it and keeps saying... But it's my Tico! She cried a little this morning when she went to let him out and he wasn't there. Seth was very pratical about the situation and just said... Now he can't chew our shoes. I am also grateful for that. We were able to find him a good home with some friends who have three boys that I am sure will adore him. Fall is upon us and there is even a call for our first snow this weekend. I am so happy to leave the snow behind but it would be cool to be arounfd for the first snow as long as it melts. Hopefully our next post will be to introduce our new little one.


Misti said...

That is so sad, poor Syd... I am sorry you have not gone into labor yet, that baby knows it is just too cold out here! Good luck and have Mike call us when you do go into labor!

Sandra said...

Loved the praticality coming from Seth but poor Syd. I hope your next post is about baby Chloe. We are all anxious for her to come and for ya'll to come to TN. Love yall.

Boo Monster Becky said...

I can't believe you guys are moving so soon. I am going to miss you guys a ton. It will be kind of weird not having you guys around. I feel kind of bad for not making it down to visit more. I am def a slacker.

Smith Family Happenings said...

Are you naming your baby Chloe? That is so cute. I just thought I would wish you good luck with the labor and the upcoming move. We think of you guys often.

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