Friday, October 10, 2008

Tooth Fairy Inflation!

Seth Lost his first tooth the other night. I can't beileve my little boy is growing u so fast!! When he showed me how loose it was getting I asked him if you wanted me to pull it out he said no but I already had it in my hand, it was barely hanging on. It has been loose for awhile so we have been talking about the toooth fairy when I asked him what the tooth fairy was going to give him he said I think 20 should be good. I remeber getting a Quarter sometime 50 cents. I thought a dollar was sufficent and he was okay with that.


The Buffingtons said...

Wow I can't believe that he has grown up so fast. Can't wait to see you guys.

Jeremy and Nicole Stucki said...

Yeah for Seth! How fun that he lost his tooth. I hope your baby comes soon. I want to see her. I'm glad I have your blog now. We can keep up to date on our families!

Boo Monster Becky said...

That is funny. I can just imagine seth saying that.

Sandra said...

A twenty. I love it. That's a kid for you. These days a quarter isn't worth very much, even to them. Can't wait to see you guys.

The Matthews Five said...

Be prepared to shell the money for dates too, what a cutie. Livie has her first loose tooth, she has to show everyone! Can't wait to see pix of the new baby. Are you still planning to call her Claire? Hate to see you guys move!

KEAT said...

talk about an expensive tooth! Sheesh! I bet you are so anxious for tomorrow to come. I hope everything goes well and I can't wait to see pictures

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