Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Been awhile....

I haven't done a Journal Post for a bit so...
Life is good, I am extremely blessed!

I have the three best kids ever and they are all growing, happy, crazy kiddos.

Seth can now write all his letters, Most of his numbers and can't wait to learn how to read like his big cousin Ginny. Each week at school they go over a letter and he is so good and finding words the start with the letter. He is so excited for S week because of course Seth, Sydney and Sandra all start with S. He is also very athletic; it is really fun watching him grow up. He has the kindest heart of any little boy. He is always thinking of others. He is the best big brother and is so protective of his sisters, it is so adorable. He doesn't even like it when Syd gets in trouble. He will always says "but Mom she is just learning, give her one more chance", it is hard to resist him when he sticks up for her, it so sweet. They still play so well together and I love to see how much they love each other. He is such a great help with Chloe when she is fussy he is so good and will sit and talk to her. I love you Seth Boy!!

Sydney is all girl and I love it! She loves Barbies and dance suits, princess and makeup, dresses that spin and pink and purple. She is growing out of her shyness and loves to play with other little girls. She can spell her name and sing lots of songs her favorites are popcorn popping and Twinkle Twinkle. She is still a Momma's girl and I will sure miss her when she starts school in the Fall. She is a sassy little girl that I am sure will give us one wild ride when she is older. She is so sweet and tells me all day long Mommy I so love you! I will miss the day when those words stop coming so often. Syd, Mommy so loves you the most and I said it first!!

Our Baby girl Chloe. I love how with each child your learn to enjoy them so much more and you don't wish away their baby years. Chloe is my little love bug. She is full of smiles and loves to be around people. She has started on cereal and is so funny to watch her learn to try to swallow instead of spitting it out. she is sleeping fairly well at night and she loves to watch he big brother and sister. I just don't have many complaints about my baby girl it's hard to imagine life with out her. I love you Clo Bug!!


Becky & Joseph said...

Those are sweet pics and descriptions of each of your kids. They are so cute!

The Buffingtons said...

I miss you guys and can't wait to see you all hopefully soon. Chloe is way to big. Love ya

Renee and Jake said...

I love the dancing picture of Syd

Kyra said...

so true- you learn to enjoy the momennt more with each little one- by #10 we'll have it down~! j/k

Nicole Stucki said...

your kids are growing up too fast! Little Chloe is so dang cute. Taylor saw the picture of Sydney and said "Mom that's my FRIEND!" Glad everything is going good for you guys!

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