Tuesday, April 7, 2009


While in South Caroline Chloe got go swimming for the firs time. I was a little nervous because she hates baths and screams the whole time. But she loved it. the temperature of the pool was perfect and she didn't even fuss. She stayed in the water for about 20mintues then slept in her car seat while the other kids swam and swam and swam.

Then she sat up today! I know, I think I almost cried. I have been wanting her to sit up but now that she can it makes me a little sad. She does look so adorable though!


Kara said...

she is getting so big. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend.

Frog Family said...

Wow she is sooooo dang cute. I agree it is always exciting when they do something new for about a second and then I get sad. Miss you guys too!!!

Kristin said...

I can not believe she is sitting up already! Wow! She is so cute! Maybe I'll take Alli swimming, I thought she would hate it too, but I guess you never know!

Phelps Clan said...

How are you guys doing? I can't believe your baby is that big already!! She's is adorable. Jen is due any day now! That's so funny about Syd seeing Teeko's picture! He's a good little dog, I love him, he's the only one in the house that does what I say!!!

Renee and Jake said...

That girls is growing like a weed and becoming quite photogenic.

Sandra said...

I'm still a little surprised she liked swimming. She is full of surprises.

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