Tuesday, April 21, 2009


You Stink like Fish!!

Well, Life is still going... Michael is still looking for a job and our house in Idaho still hasn't closed (maybe we will move back into it, it is still ours). We are hopeful that something will come through hopefully sooner than later. (I am not sure how much longer I can handle having Michael invade my space. Husbands are definitely supposed to have a job otherwise marriage wouldn't last long:) I do know that having nothing to do is driving him more crazy than me though. I went fishing with Michael and Syd the other evening and I am proud to say that this city girl out fished the country boy. (And don't let him fool you by saying he wasn't trying :)

First bass caught all by himself!
The kiddos are all great Seth is still our silly boy and is getting so big. James gave him an Xbox and even though I was against doing the gamer things again the boys won out. Seth and Michael have had some fun with it together. I think that Seth will have some adjusting to do when Michael gets a job again. He has really enjoyed having his Daddy around to entertain him. He has been able to do a lot of fishing and both kids have really loved it. When he was reeling in the Bass he kept saying "A little help here." But Daddy wanted him to do on his own.

Syd behind Mamaw's and Pap's house.
(I've been practicing photography on the girls, it's so fun!)
Sydney is still a mess as usual. She is singing in the background right now and I can't help but smile. She is starting to look more and more like a big girl, She has had a a growth spurt and is getting so tall. She is still in love with her bunnies. Last week the neighbors dog got one of the bunnies in its mouth. Syd was so mad she keep saying "No puppy it's not food!" I couldn't stop laughing as I was trying to rescue the bunny. I am happy to report that 'Hot Milk' is doing fine and that there were no injuries to report.

Chloe has been very bad lately. (I have a sneaky suspicion that it is because her daddy likes to hold her.) She as learned the art of "I know your there so pick me up already!" She has two teeth on the bottom and loves baby food more than I can recall Seth or Sydney liking it. So far I think her fave is Squash but she really hasn't rejected anything yet. She prefers orange colored food but we are slowly working on the green stuff. She is at a fun stage where you can get her to giggle and smile.

Now we are off to good old CA for a visit, YEAH!!


Renee and Jake said...

I love having you guys here and hope you do not leave. I enjoy when the kids spend the night soooooo much. Have a fun trip.

The Fairbanks Clan said...

Are you guys moving to Idaho? We are living in Utah now so it would be fun to see you guys more often.

Boo Monster Becky said...

Wow, sounds like things are looking up for ya'll. I can't wait to see everyone again. I really miss having you guys around. Way to out fish Mike!

Phelps Clan said...

Such cute pics of the kids! Wyatt still talks about Seth and he wishes he was still in his class! Hope you get your house sold soon! I know that stress----it stinks!

Kyra said...

life is full of surprises- and i agree- the men leaving for work is necessary not only for income but for youyr sanity!!

Brandon, Lesley and Drew said...

Dude, Amy, I die over your kids! They are so stinkin cute!! And of course Mike is fishing! Some things never change!!

Renee and Jake said...

Oh, how I wish you did not have to go.....I told Ginny today and she cried a tad and poor Aubs does not understand....We love you and have enjoyed out short time together. Please know you guys have our love and support.

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