Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Sisters, Sisters"
Sydney and Chloe are having more and more fun playing together. I saw them the other day having there first Tea party it was so adorable. (I tired to get pictures but they didn't turn out.)

Seth wanted to take this wheat home and make bread with it. He is always so inquisitive and asking what things are for. The other day we were driving and he asked what Lightning was made of and why? Each answer he has another question.


Renee and Jake said...

I bet you made that outfit...I need to get the pattern.

Kara said...

that was so funny when seth wanted you to make bread, if he only knew how much work that it would take he would never ask again.

Sandra said...

They are such cuties. I love all Seth's questions. He ask questions that can be so hard to explain. Sometimes I tell him, "That sounds like a question for Papa."

Boo Monster Becky said...

The dresses on the girls are so cute. I feel like everyone in TN is getting so crafty. Maybe you can teach me how to make a few things when ya'll get out here. I love Seth's questions. It is cute that the girls were having a tea party. I could only imagine how it looked and what a perfectionist little Syd was.

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