Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just a Thought

Today we had an awesome Stake Conference I feel truly Spiritually feed. Sometimes when I listen to conferences any conference I walk away feeling slightly guilty for not doing enough. This time however I came away with a little more understanding. I have realized that this life is... ready for it this is a big epiphany here....a Learning experience! I know big!! Sarcasm aside I realize today that I am not suppose to be doing everything. If the First day I become a wife a was prefect at it or the first day I became a mother I never faltered in my responsibilities I wouldn't be Learning. I now understand that when the spirit whispers to me "Amy, you should read your scriptures" it's not saying "Amy, you are so horrible for not reading your scriptures" It's my Loving Heavenly Father nudging me to do those things that will bring me closer to him. I see more clearly that I am loved by my Father in Heaven and that he understands me. This was definitely something that I need to feel. I feel for the most part I am an optimistic person. I take this life on Faith I have never really had trouble knowing that I would be okay through life challenges. Don't get me wrong I worry about my kids and my husband and life and what or where will will be next. But lately I have felt extremely negative the feelings of frustration and anxiety had pushed out my usually positive out look. But today the overwhelming love of my Father Heaven fills me and I know that I am learning each day I am trying to do better, be better and serve those I love better. So, We made it to Idaho, we found a place to live (our house still hasn't closed crossing our fingers for this week) Our ward seems good we have already had some visitors (not as good as Jackson I am sure but we will make do) The kids are great and they are the light of my life. Michael is staying busy and things are working out. I am blessed and I am grateful for all I have. Hope you all had a wonderful Sabbath!!


Christine said...

It is sometimes hard to remember how much Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to do better. He really doesn't want us to feel shame--just encouragement. Thanks for the reminder.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the reminder to us all. I really appreciate it. I really do miss talking to you everyday. It's just not as fun here with you but guess we have to do what we have to do. Love you.

Renee and Jake said...

I think you are an optimist.

Turok said...

glad to hear that everything is giong good so far for y'all. THanks for the thought...its always nice to hear what other people get out of things, b/c when you share your thoughts, it has effects on the rest of us as well. Take care! We miss you!!

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