Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tis the Season

The Stockings are Hung
It really is so fun this time of year. I am loving it! I love thing feeling of love that has filled our home as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior. We have been reading a Christmas stories each night and I love it... they are all filled with service, love and even magic that make this time of year Wonderful! I am so grateful for my family they make everything more special. My kids are always surprising me with a good they want to be. Seth wants to give his money to any bell ringer that he sees or any donation box that we pass. He is always saying that we should give to others, he has such a tender heart and is truly special spirit,he is such an example to me each and everyday. Sydney, is doing the same... I think she just like to follow her big brother but that is okay he is a great example.

This year like for many people has been a year of many ups and downs. No job and then finding a job, Sick kids and a really sick Mommy...to say the least is has been a very interesting year and I am glad that I have this time to remember my blessings and the "gifts" that my Savior has given me. I have done a lot of wallowing lately... focusing on all the frustrating things that have gone wrong for my family this year. (I blame it on the winter..I need my warm sun..but I am learning to except that this to will pass.) I believe this is why Christmas is at the end of the year. What a perfect time to pull ourselves out of our own lives and remember what life is really about.

I love real trees..I grew up with them and love the memories of going and pick out the best tree bringing it home and with Christmas music playing the background...each of my siblings and I would careful place each ornament lovingly on the tree...there was No fighting our saying that one is mine it was always a picture perfect occasion....I am sure there was a squabble or two but there was the music and the real tree and the time together as a family. So you an imagine my heart break when I gave in to Michael and got the "Fake" tree last year. However, we still had the picture perfect occasion of being together as a family.

We also made some Oh so....
Yummy Gingerbread Men

Our Gingerbread Family
Happy Holidays!


Kara said...

so cute! We haven't really done any decorating here just cuz we are leaving so early, kind of sad but oh well. Anyway, I am NOT looking forward to that cold weather but atleast its worth it to see family:)

Renee and Jake said...

Just made me miss you more......Ironically, I was thinking last night that this has been a tough year for me.

Sandra said...

Love it Amy! I miss ya'll so much. Maybe we can all go back to school in the same area.

Presley family said...

Looks like you are having TONS of fun!! Merry Christmas!!!

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