Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dear Michael,


When we blessed our Baby Boy...(We look so young!)
When we bought our first House...
Your little helper...(You are an awesome Daddy!)
Fishing with your son...
When there was only four of us..
When we went to the peanut place...
Can you guess who you are holding?
When you out fished everyone in Mexico...
When we went to sea world..Syd hated it!
When we went to the park...oh how I miss the summer!
When we moved to TN...(feels like forever ago..I miss it!)
When our oldest started Kindergarten...Can you believe it?!
Hanging out with your bro..
Seth's First soccer game
Blessing all our little ones...(thank you for honoring your priesthood!!)
of course hunting.....
Building our house....(I miss it, you??)

Here is to making many more memories. One week down and one to go....I love you!!!


Renee and Jake said...

You make me cry.....
or maybe I am just hormonal

Kyra said...

where is mike?? and when do we get to see you?? wonderful memories. aren't pictures priceless?

Sandra said...

It's not okay that I'm at work and crying. What a sweet blog. You and Michael are so perfect for each other. I love yall and miss you tons.

Misti said...

Amy, that was so awesome! You and Mike are so cute together! One more week! YEAH!!!!

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