Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am a horrible procrastinator (is the even a word)... Anyway, I try usually to keep on top of things aka the laundary, dishes, showers (I am a little embarrassed by that last one.) Anyway, Mike has been gone for 10 days now TEN and I am not at all put together....I have tried to avoid leaving the house because that means I spend $$$$. So why do any of it right?? Well, I realized today that I have four days to put the house back together and finish the little SURPRISE we are making for Daddy and I just can't find the motivation (except for the surprise that is fun) to do it all. I am sure however Friday night I will step into High Gear and be up all night... I guess that is just the way I roll. So for now I guess I will continues to step over the toys, I will use paper plates until you come back then I promise I will start showering in the morning again... MISS YOU!!

Totally Sexy, Right?! More like YIKES!!
Four days and counting! Yes, I realize that it is closer to five but I am not counting today anymore!!


Renee and Jake said...

Anyway it goes, Michale thinks you re HOT and PERFECT....and at least you are blogging.

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh, this is so funny! Don't worry though, we're all like that! Even if you do it all everyday, it still ends up having to be done the next day too! So just keep surviving - whatever it takes!

Briawna said...

Yes, take a shower before coming to Provo. :-) I have those days, weeks, and sometimes months. When Ronell goes out of town, my house is a disaster and I wonder why I'm frazzled the whole week. I think the best part of those days has to be when I actually do take a shower but don't look like I took a shower. Hang in there. He'll be home soon enough.

Kara said...

haha, too bad this is me even when James is home. I am cooking more though, that makes up for it right?

Sandra said...

Kara is cooking more and it's good. I think you look good any way it goes. And I have no kids and I still find myself skipping showers, more than I should admit. I figure as long as I don't smells it's okay. And sometimes I do and I still think it's okay. Love you and can't wait to vacation with you.

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