Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So Sweet!

I often find these two in the same bed together. Tonight Chloe started fussing so I went down to get her and looked in and saw them in the same bed again. When I had tucked them in separately (yes, they are on he floor we old Seth's bunk beds we didn't want to move them again.) We ordered the girls a bed and figured Seth can use our old Queen for now. I am not so sure he will be willing to give up his roomie :) I bet he will end up sleeping in her bed with her most nights! I love that they are close.


Sandra said...

I love this picture. It is absolutely precious.

Diane said...

I miss them so much I look forward to seeing you all in July, I am afraid i want let you guys leave. Love ya

Renee and Jake said...

My kids stay in the same bed alot too. I am not a fan of loft bunk beds but every night I come home if they are not in bed together, they are touching each others faces. My girls fight like crazy but LOVE each other

Presley family said...

LOVE it!!!!!
Too sweet!!

Boo Monster Becky said...

Cute...I miss when they used to like sleeping with me.

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