Monday, July 19, 2010

The Best Place on Earth!

Nope not Disneyland although Disneylad is a very close second....I love Lake Powell! I think it is because it makes me think of growing up and how much fun we would have on the lake as kids. I must admit now that I am a MOM I get a liitle nervous about how dangerous my water loving activites can be...really going that fast with my kids hanging onto a tube by rope got me a little nervous, I mean what if we hit a rock or something. But it was great to see them loving it! Seth had a ball on the tube and Sydney even suprised us with how fast she wanted to go. Chloe is a brave little one and LOVES the water. I was really nervous about this but was glad that once we found the perfect cove with a nice liitle beach for her to dig in until her hearts content. It was a great week! It wasn't too hot and the boat was awesome. We had one very windy day that lets just say made the week interesting! We missed having Megan her family and Carrie along for the adventure... it was good family fun!!

The Lake
Thanks Daddy for beinging a tropper and joining in on the fun (Mike has learned that water activites really aren't his cup of tea, oops he married the wrong girl....good thing he is a good sport and pretends to enjoy himself...I sercectly thinks he LOVES it!)

The Crew

Bath Time

Cute Boys

The girls thought having a spa on the boat was so neat...So did I!

Matching swim suits! Ironically all bought without the others knowing. Go Target clerance!!

Goof Balls!!

I just can't get enough of this Girl she is just so fun!!

Sweet Sydney Girl...

Uncle Brent and Clo bug going for a spin...

Just so sweet!
My other kids will be jealous when they look back and see more pics of Chloe but really how can a resist!
The water slide...all the kids loved it!!

Hanging out on the Deck...
Even though Chloe looks mad she loved helping Papa drive the boat...

Thanks Nana and Papa for the fun week we love you!!!


Lisa said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! We're missing you in Idaho!

AubreyandTerry said...

Wow, looks like so much fun! HOw can you miss Idaho when you are out there!! Its so pretty.

Boo Monster Becky said...

Looks like ya'll have had some fun adventures this summer.

Presley family said...

looks like a BLAST!!! Can I be adopted into the wheeler fam for the next vacation????

Torman said...

how fun!!! we miss you like crazy!
P.s NICE swimsuit :)

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Kara said...

that boat looks so nice! We will have to go sometime together...maybe without kids;-)

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