Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summertime in the South...

Wow! It was sure was a great summer with all the family in Tennessee. The kids are missing everyone and I am missing snuggling up with all those cute babies!! Papa always had something to keep Seth and Syd out of trouble like going fishing or pick'in veggies from the garden.

The one time I braved the heat to do a little Fish'in
(If mike had his way this would be blown up and placed on our wall as our new family picture)

Chloe wasn't so sure what to think of the fish...
Seth and Syd going out with Papa and Daddy

Into the Garden... I miss it! I loved how the kids were so willing to go and pick out all the veggies from the garden. The corn and watermelon were amazingly good....I hear so is the squash but I never tried it... not a fan. One day we will have to have our own garden it just tastes so much better.
I love how they have no shoes country.

Sydney was so funny trying to shoot the BB gun...I think she just liked that it was Pink.
Seth became quit the shot and was very proud of his skills.
More pics to come....


Lisa said...

Looks like tons of fun!!

Misti said...

You guys are the cutest little family! How fun!

Boo Monster Becky said...

The south is amazing! Daddy is good at finding ways to keep us out of trouble and hard at work.

Frog Family said...

Come see us or we could meet you in the middle. It has been wayyyyyy to long.

diane said...

oh how i miss those kids, I am so bored now that they are gone, I just love your little family soooo much look forward to you coming back to see ya

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