Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trying My Patience

This little one make look all sweet and innocent but guess what she turns "2" in October and we have been getting a taste of the dramatic side of Chloe. I remember thinking that 2 wasn't very difficult with Sydney and that when she turned 3 we had the issues with the drama. I am not sure what has happen to my sweet little girl the past few days but she been having the hardest time letting me know what she wants.....Sometimes, it is actually kinda funny she will stomp her foot and yell at me and then throw herself on the floor (I can totally see her doing this as a teenager; it's a little freaky and let's hope she won't throw herself on the floor when she's 13)....most the time I have NO idea what brings on this lovely behavior besides the fact that my wonderful sleeper has decided to not want to go to bed....So, tonight I needed a little reminder of why she is just so Dang Cute!
Can we say CHEEESE!

Looks are DECEIVING!
The End


Lisa said...

She is so cute!! We're right with you on the 2-year old drama. Brooklyn also throws herself on the ground and does a fake cry and tells us off; it's amazing how much personality comes in such a small body!! Hang in there!!

diane said...

You are right, she is sooo dang cute..I love that little girl so much and I cant ever see her pitching a fit or being dramatic. I do remember the 2's era in Mike but seriously she doesnt look like she has any drama in the cheesy yall

Sandra said...

She's so cute! I love her so much....drama and all.

The Hurley's said...

She has gotten so it. She you soon.

Torman said...

Amy I love these!! she is getting so big I can tell! that is when you think it is a good thing I was already expecting before you hit this stage or you would not be getting a sibling...well at least that is what I always think.
Miss ya

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