Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Best Experience ever!

He is Eight! When and How did that happen?! He was the first to make me a mom and with that came so much growing together. He has made me want to be a better person. He is the best kid ever and I really don't know why I was so lucky to be chosen to be his Mommy. I am so humble by the spirit that he has. I hope that I can give him all the knowledge he needs to reach his potential.

Seth's Buddy Jack Mcinelley. Jack thinks that Seth is the Best Guy ever and Seth loves how much he looks up to him.
Seth's Primary Teacher
I was so overwhelmed with the love and support by all those who were able to come support Seth. (in person and spirit we know all the Eaton's would have love to be here). It made Seth really feel how very special the day was. This was another experience that has testified to me that we are supposed to be here in Provo and I am so glad that we have met all these wonderful Families they have change my life forever!
Brooke and Chris Fransworth, Lisa and Scott Cole Emma Mike Mcinelly, Mandy and Mike Kralsven, Jen and Dominic Anderson
I am so glad that Seth made the choice to be baptized and I am so grateful for the spirit that was there on this special day. I know that we will never forget it.

Dear Seth,
You are so very special to me and Dad. We are so glad that we get to be your parents and are grateful for the person you are. You try so hard to Chose the Right and to always think of others. I hope that you will always try to be this way. You are so very smart and live close to the spirit. Your just plan Awesome! We love you!

Mom and Dad


Beke said...

He is one of the greatest young boys I know! Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts. I look forward to seeing y'all next summer.

Beke said...

I wanted to be there so bad, But I was there in spirit if not in body. I love you Seth and I too am so proud of you..always listen to your mom and dad they'll never stray you away from whats right..Ames thanks for sharing and know that I love you all so much.

love to all

mom Eaton

Amber Kei said...

That's awesome! I thInk I'm going to be shocked when my oldest is eight!!. :).

Presley family said...

So beautiful!! This is getting me so excited for Regan's 8th birthday in April! So exciting! congrats to Seth on making such a wonderful decision. :)

Misti said...

That is so awesome! When did our kids get so old??? Tell Mike that Marsh lost his phone number so he wants him to call him!! Miss you guys!

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