Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Friend!

I couple of weeks ago Sydney was playing by herself and she was having a conversation. So I stopped to ask her who she was talking to:
Syd: "Kelly she is my friend from ballet class." (She doesn't go to ballet class.)
Me: "oh, are you having fun?"
Syd:" Yep, we are playing a game."
Me: I thought it was sweet but didn't think much of it. Then a few days latter I heard her talking in the car and asked if she was talking to Kelly and she said "Yes, but it's a secret!"
Then at Bear Lake I again heard her talking to her "friend" while swimming.
Today Kelly is not a secret anymore. She has been with us all day. She went to Wal-mart, played in the water and is now taking a nap with Syd. It has been so funny. She got so mad at Seth when he said something mean to Kelly. We will see if Kelly sticks around but it so cute to see her pretend.


Kara said...

haha, that is too cute. I love imaginary friends. They are the best because they do whatever you want them to, right? Miss that girl!

Renee and Jake said...

Funny....Do you remember when Ginny had an imaginary boyfriend named Cookie until Jason, her baby dolls imaginary daddy, came along. Cookie is one of my favorite memories about Ginny. It is great you captured this and have it on record. Can not wait to see her in a few weeks, maybe she will let me in on the little secret.

Sandra said...

It's funny she wouldn't tell me about Kelly because she said it was a secret. She is such a funny girl. Tell Seth to be nice to Kelly, who knows, maybe she can be his girlfriend. Miss you so much!

Christine said...

Imaginations are great!!! I am somebody new (according to Lucy) about every five minutes. I think I'm having an identity crisis.

The Hurley's said...

I heard about this I thought it was so cute. Morg tells me everyday who I am going to be that day and I have to call her whoever she is that day. It is fun to see them pretend

Jeremy and Nicole Stucki said...

That is too cute! So we still need to get together! We sold our house and have to be out here in a few days but after that let's totally go play! Call me. My number is 390-3240. Taylor would LOVE to play with Sydney.

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