Sunday, July 12, 2009

We have been having lots of FUN!!

I love the water! Most who know me know this little fun fact... I love the water and the sun...(don't asked why I live in Idaho where I only get to see it like three times a year.) We have been doing lots of playing in the water and I love it!

My totally Sexy farmers tan is proof that I don't see the sun as often as I would like.

How can you not love this!

I love that my kids love the water!

Chloe hated baths for along time I thought that she might be my one baby that didn't love the water..she proved me wrong and loved the Bear lake... it was so cute!

However, she loved the sand more and just wanted to eat it!!

Sandra is visiting and it's been so fun...I love when family comes to visit!!


Becky J. said...

Hooray for water lovers! Especially cute ones!

Kyra said...

we are enjoying the water too--- miss you guys

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