Friday, July 24, 2009

What to do?

All day I am begging for a moment of Silence... now that I have it a feel a little out of sorts. It's just me and Chloe today and right now Chloe is sleeping. I am missing my little ones already. Sydney spent the night with Becky in Rexburg (she will be back later today) and Seth is on his way to Tn with Charity and Rob. My kids really do have the best Aunt's ever! I guess I do have a talk to finish and I am sure there are other things that I should do but I think that I might just did a little bit of nothing!
Random Pics:

visiting the TN river

My sweet Kids!

Seth Pre K Party

Pre-K petting Zoo

My Pretty Girls!

We are getting excited about the wedding coming up and although I am not looking forward to the oh so long drive back to TN these pictures did make me miss it...(Just a little).


Sandra said...

Man, you and the kids should have come with Charity in the van and Mike could have came later in Charity's car. Why did I just think of this. I miss ya'll. That's super cute that Beck and Syd had a sleep over.

Christine said...

I do the same thing. I sit in shock not knowing what to do when there's a quiet moment. By the time I decide what to do with the time, it's gone.

The Buffingtons said...

miss you guys. So sad that we didn't get to a see you when you came out to TN. Chloe is so big. Love you

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