Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your being mean to me!

A few months back I noticed my kids saying this to me any time I was being a "Mom". If I was telling them to do something like pick up or stop doing that I would get the response "Stop being mean to me." Or "Your being mean Mom!" I found myself frustrated because I was starting to feel like a mean mommy. I am not sure which child it was that started this lovely phrase but I was not sure how to stop it. I was trying to explain to them that I am not being mean but that the choices they are making are causing me to have to tell them how they should be acting.

I have chosen to learn from my children even though I swear the majority of the time I was not being mean simply requesting something be done. I have realized how important it is to speak kindly to my children. So, in the past few weeks I have tried to speak softer, use please and thank you more and to tell my kids when they are doing something RIGHT instead of always pointing out when they are doing something WRONG. And behold it stopped I have not heard them say "You are being mean to me." for awhile now and trust me I am still being a "Mom" and asking them to do plenty that they don't want to do. So....was a really being mean? Some of time I am sure the phrase was warranted (I am only human.) but I am so happy that I have learned a very valuable lesson for some very smart Kids. Thanks Seth and Syd for helping your Mommy become at better Me. I Love You!
Found this old picture... I miss those two.....they are getting so BIG!


The Hurley's said...

So funny you say that Morgan is now saying you are driving me crazy because it is something that I say a lot apparently and some other phrases that I say makes me totally aware of what you say

Sandra said...

Oh wow, that is an old picture. I miss those little guys and I still miss them now that they are big. I need them to come back to me!

Nicole Stucki said...

I know the feeling. Taylor has recently picked up on the phase "I hate you." It makes me feel so bad. Maybe I should try to be more patient and not freak out so much. Lol. Gotta love kids.

Robert and Charity said...

They look so little in that picture!! Gosh, where did the time go!? You are awesome, Amy. I hope when I am a mom, I am a lot like you!

Renee and Jake said...

I need your patience and self control. Maybe I will try to speak kinder too. I tell myself often too and after I raise my voice I feel bad for doing it but....there should be no excuses.

Burk Family said...

Hey Guys! Glad I remembered your blog address! Now we can keep up. It was awesome to see you.
here's ours:

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh! and i love the post!

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