Monday, September 21, 2009


I am sooo proud of theses cakes....back in Tn (I had to pause to remember back that far:) Anyway, Sandra and I got into decorating cakes...okay well we decorated one cake! And this is my second try it was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I have two more bdays next month so I can do it again.

Even with the eyebrow incident she is still ADORABLE. (not bias at all!)

We had a fun weekend celebrating Sydney's Birthday...She is so funny she is already trying to turn back the clock. She kept saying that she didn't want to be turning 4 she wanted to be 2... I guess she is starting early on wanting to stay young. We love her funny personality! She makes me smile everyday. She still has her imaginary friend Kelly and there is a new one named Courtney every once in a while there is a baby one for Chloe... named Chelly:)I love her imagination and don't want her to grow up either!!


Nicole Stucki said...

She is adorable! I'm always afraid that Taylor is going to get a hold of scissors and chop her or Sadie's hair! I'm so sorry about yesterday. Geez something always comes up! Taylor's hand is doing better today. She taken a lot of benadryl. Lol! It's not as swollen so that's a good thing. Hope Sydney had a fun bday. I'm quitting here soon so I will have some free time. I will give you a call one of these days!

Sandra said...

Love the cake, wish I could have been there to help with them. We could be so good by now. Or even better I wish ya'll were still here so we could hang out whenever we wanted.
I love Syd and her personality. That is so funny she wants to be younger. I am constantly taking 4 years off my age.

Robert and Charity said...

Im soooo glad we got to come!! I have missed yall so much and it was so refreshing to be around the kids and their little sweet spirits. Syd is way too cute for her own good! I wish she were two again too! That way we could celebrate this all over again! Love yall!

Amber Kei said...

You're so sweet! The cakes look are so talented! We live in Provo...after graduation we found a job here. I'm glad I get to see about your family, too. For starters I will be keeping razors out of reach of my very into-everything 1-year-old! ;) Good to hear from you!

The Hurley's said...

Morgan has that same cute. hey could you email nicole my email so I can be added to her blog.

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