Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's new??

Mamaw left us on Monday and it seems like things are getting out of control here with out an extra set of hands. Sydney seems like she needs way more attention than normal,Chloe decided she will be waking up at night and Seth feels like watching him ride his bike should be top priority. Needless to say I think my kids might like having visitors!! Thank you Mamaw for adoring them!

Seth learned to ride his bike last weekend without training wheels. It only took him a few tries. I was a little surprised because we took them off for awhile in TN but he just could balance enough. Just a couple months did the trick though. He already fell and scrapped his knee and ran in to Becky's car but the knee and car both survived. Seth is loving school! His favorite part is the bus...putting on the bus was a lot harder for Mom then the first day of school was but I survived and it is nice because they drop him off at the house in the afternoon. We have already been almost late to the bus. But made it, needless to say we are getting used to get up and out the door.

I put both the kids in a dance class that starts tomorrow. Syd will be doing ballet and gymnastics and Seth will be doing a hip hop and Gymnastics class. I hope that they will enjoy them and I think it will be nice to have something for them to do in the winter.

Michael is getting settled into his new job which we hope will bring good opportunities. We will have to move again in probably about a year but I think that I am getting used to that. We have no idea where it could be. Hunting season began... oh boy!! So Michael is getting out every opportunity. I am doing the Mom thing and enjoying making projects when I can and hope to be learning more with photography. Life's Good!
(pictures to come soon)


kara said...

cute new background! Sounds like life is good there in Idaho. I bet Syd and Seth will love the dance classes! Elle still asks to play with sydney almost everyday. We miss you guys!

Sandra said...

Man we really do miss you. I'm glad you did a blog update. I enjoy reading them so much. I think the bus sounds so scary but I'm glad he loves it.

Nicole Stucki said...

Your kids sound like my kids. I hear ya on hunting season. Oh the joys. Where do you have them in at gym? I want to put Taylor in gym in the winter after I have the baby. Tell Seth I think he's AWESOME for riding his bike without training wheels and I want to see him to it.

Turok said...

glad to hear that life is settling some-what for you and that things are going good!!

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