Friday, October 30, 2009

It's tomorrow!

Seth had a Halloween carnival at his school and there was a pause in the illness so we went...the kids had fun even though I was wondering why it was really lame. But I was glad a got some pics of them in the costumes because it has snowed and it will not be so easy to get some tomorrow.


Renee and Jake said...

They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Love Sis's hair.

Boo Monster Becky said...

Those kids are so cute!!!! I hope the snow melts tomorrow so it isn't that bad for trick or treating

The Hurley's said...

Cute Kiddos

Nicole Stucki said...

How cute are they! I love the dresses you made. I wish we could hang out sometime soon but we are still sick over here. Ugh. I want to snap my fingers and everyone be better. Lol. Little Chloe is getting big fast! She's starting to look more like a little girl. Cross your fingers that we will get better and I will have this kid soon!

Sandra said...

Such cute kids. I loved the Halloween costumes. They are so adorable.

Presley family said...

Stop it right now!! They are just to darn cute!!! LOVE IT!!

Misti said...

They look ADORABLE!!!! How are you guys? I can't believe we still haven't seen you yet! We need to get together!

Shelley said...

Did you get a fancy new camera?! These pictues look awesome! :) I love your sidebar button by the way! ;) {thanks}

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