Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Six Years old and wiser too!

Seth requested pancakes last night so I got up early to make some...we were out of syrupy and the kids were not very interested with out a gallon of sugar on them.

I guess that silly face still looks like he enjoyed it.

we opened his present before school so He could play with it after school with his buddy up the road...I forgot to get wrapping paper last night. He thought the newspaper was funny but the always practical Seth Said.."Mom, that is such a good idea because it saved money." Love this boy!
He was so excited and can't wait to play with it...witch reminds me I forgot to get batteries it takes 12!
Seth is a great Kid he is loving Kindergarten and is in the advanced reading group...(Yes I am proud!) He is a perfectionist and always takes his assignments very seriously. He is a great Big Brother and is always so helpful with his sisters. We love you Seth and Hope the 6 is just as great as 5!!


Boo Monster Becky said...

I can't believe he is getting so big!

Sandra said...

Ha, I love that boy! I'm for sure coming for Christmas so I can't wait to see ya'll.

Kyra said...

happy seth!! thats funny ashton asked for lazer tag too... these boys were meant to be twins. we got to live closer!!

The Hurley's said...

So fun happy seth...we love you. I remember when he was born and I was babysitting him. crazy

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