Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunny Days

The Torman family a match made in heaven. Seriously, it stinks that we found this family right before we are leaving: ( Our kids are the same ages Mac is missing in this picture and he is a little younger than Chloe. The best thing is there parents are awesome to.
Sydney, Kenlee, Skyler, Seth and Chloe

They even came to Seth's soccer game to cheer him on.. I think he was a little distracted waving to Skyler but he was able to make two goals.

This is Chloe on top of bread in the back of Mikes truck. He is going to try and get a Bear this spring so he has been getting bread from the discount bread store.
We have had a few blustery days. So I thought I would post some pics and reminding myself that the sun will come out again.


Boo Monster Becky said...

I love how Seth is already taking little girls on rides...even if it is on a wobble bike.

Diane said...

I love it those kids are a hoot. I love that Seth is taking his gal on a ride. And Chole is soooo much like Mike and Sydney well she is my princess Sunshine.

Torman said...

Ahhhh! I love these pictures! They are sad to look at almost though knowing you guys are leaving us {sigh} wait...I have to go I think that I have an important phone call to make to BYU about Mike. Bear hunting I don't think that is acceptable for a proper business man. :)

Amber Kei said...

Hey Amy! Chole is so cute! The fish hatchery we went to was in Fountain get off the freeway in Nephi. It seems a little out there, but it wasn't even an hour from my house and the experience made it worth it! If you want more info or ever want to go out there with us, let me know. Good luck in all the moving fun!

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