Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Best!

Sydney will tell her Daddy what color tie he should wear each Sunday so they can today I couldn't resist taking a picture of Daddy with his girls.

I can't beileve how big he is getting.
She is just so adorable.

Life is good here at the Eaton's. I really can not beileve that we are moving again so June. Packing and living out of Suitcases for two months. Should been and adventure. But the kids can''t wait to spend time with cousins. We will be going to Lake Powell with my family and then Plan to head back to the South.
Just yesterday Sydney said "When we move to Tennessee do I get to take all my Barbies?"
Me: We aren't moving back to TN.
Syd: Yes, we are.
Me: Sweetie, we are moving to Utah so Daddy can go to school. We are just going back to TN to visit everyone.
Syd: with her I am so mad face. "You are mean!"


Amber Kei said...

oh, my's so hard to understand sometimes! I'm sorry that you're a mean mommy, but she sure is cute! :)

Kristin said...

Haha! The life of a kid is no unfair! You know, you could have avoided the whole "mean mommy" thing if you had just said "YES" to the Barbies! j/k! She looks so much like you! And I just love Seth's toothy mouth! We have a few of those mouths here at my house, too!

Kara said...

what a cutie! Elle is so excited:) I like the tie idea, I am going to have to get James to do that!

Briawna said...

I had a hard time accepting that I had to live in Utah, too. But it might be worse to tell her you'll be moving again in two years and possibly next summer. :-) When in June will you be here? We're not leaving until the end of June. I hope we get to see each other before our big move.

Torman said...

What an adorable family you have Amy! We love you guys! I can see that other adorable tooth coming in. :). I love the girls dresses so pretty!

The Fairbanks Clan said...

Where in utah are you moving? We are in Kaysville, it would be fun seeing you guys. Jesse asks about Mike and your family often:)

Brandon, Lesley, Drew and Carter said...

I am excited you guys are moving down here! We will have to come see you! Hailey gets married this Saturday but she will be living down in Provo too!

Diane said...

I wish it was back south but amybe some day..Tell Syd she can come stay with mamaw..I love the new pictures of the kids they are growing up so fast. see ya soon.

Boo Monster Becky said...

I love that Sydney loves TN.

Renee and Jake said...

How sweet is that!!!! I color coordinate the family many Sundays...I drop hints to him as to what color tie to wear but how much cuter is it that Syd tells Michael. They are getting so big. I look forward to this summer and having them here....the girls are WAY EXCITED...I will tell Syd she can live with us when you guys head to school...she may refuse and say at Mamaws or with Sandra but then again, she may like it.

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