Sunday, July 10, 2011

A new experience

If you know Mike at all you know that he is a country boy. I have been trying to "civilize" him and trust me it hasn't been easy. A few examples of this is he hates traffic any traffic and he calls three cars in front of him traffic; just kidding on that last part. He also hates crowds. So when we were planning on going to New York City you can say we were both a little nervous;) Mike didn't want me to bring in my nice camera having our hands full with the kids. So he picked me up a camera at Costco. It was disappointing that it didn't always work right but as I looked through them again there are more pictures than I originally thought.
Here is our day in the city.

We were told to take the Staten Island Ferry over because it goes right by the Statue of Liberty and it's free (nothing is free in the city)

We had a little lesson on the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island before we went.
They loved the boat ride and talked about how it reminded them of the house boat at Lake Powell

Once we got into the City our plan was to go to the National History Museum. Now the tricky part was how to get there. We asked a security guard if you need a car seat for infants in a Taxi and she had No idea. We figured it probably didn't matter. It was after all NY. So mike hailed a taxi and we rode it over to the museum.

The kids were really cute in the Cab

We made it ;) The cab ride was full of excitement and they don't slow down even with children in the car!
Here is where some of the pictures aren't the best.
Claire did fantastic, she still surprises me on what and great baby she is.

We found this adorable statue that looked a lot like someone we knew
Seth loved all the FossilsSeth had a great time but the girls didn't love it has much. They were cold, it was a little chilly and I didn't think to being jackets. So we decided to go and get some lunch and head over to Times Square. We decided to take the Subway :)

At Toy-r-us

We made it back home safe and sound and pretty proud of ourselves for surviving a day in the city.


Torman said...

I love these pictures! Amy you look amazing! I am not sure Nick and I would have made it out alive if we were to attempt a trip to the big city. YIkes!

Presley family said...

So fun!!! Reminds me of our trip to the BIG apple. What a beautiful family you have!!! Amy, you look awesome girl.... did you really just have a baby????

Amber Kei said...

Awesome! Looks like you're having fun out there! My husband served in Jersey and he wants to go back sometime. We'll have to play some when you get back.

Mel said...

WOW! NYC with kids! super impressed!

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