Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where has the time gone?

When did it get to be September?

I feel like we have hit the rode running since we have been back in Provo. All the kids are in soccer and have school. Seth and Sydney love there teachers this year and are having a great time in school. Seth was sick last week and said that missing school was so disappointing! Chloe is doing a Co-op Preschool with some friends from the ward and she Loves it especially when it isn't Mom's turn to teach. I can't beileve how grown up all my kids are getting Sydney just had her bday and Seth is almost 8. I am feeling old or older at least.

Sydney's First Day of Kindergarten. Her teacher is Mrs. Porter and he new friend is Emma:)
Sydney at soccer
Chloe At MBSA soccer
She is so dang cute! She loves that she gets to play soccer like Syd and Seth.
Group of Fellow MBA's Hiking the Y (not sure what I was doing my smile is a little crazy)
Getting Closer to the Top
Hiking the Y We did it! They kids loved it and they all did really good. Seth practically ran up it!
I love how you can see the Provo temple.
My friend Jen
The Torman's were in Utah, Yay!
Kenlee and SydSeth and Skyler
My friend Kacey oh, how I wish you lived closer!!
Birthday's my Friend Kat
I feel like Emma and I need to go blond:)
Mike and I at the football game. It was a sad loss but a fun night and a beautiful sun set! We had great seats too.

The Girls were all in Pink one Sunday so I had to get a picture. The other day while sorting laundry I had to chuckle because I sorted it into the following piles: Whites, Darks and PINKS! I love my Girls.
Clarie Dixie 7 months. I can never get her to smile for the camera but she is actually a very happy Baby! She is getting so big to fast I wish I really could slow time down so I can enjoy her more.
Sydney turned 6! She is such a beautiful girl inside and out! I love her sweetness and how hard she tries to do the right thing.

We have been very blessed and Mike's hard work has paid off and he has gotten a few offers to work next year: Honeywell, General Mills and Kellogg. Now we just need to decide which company to go to. We feel so fortunate and blessed with so many great opportunities!

I have a feeling life is only going to get busier, that is a little scary! I hope that I can keep up with it;)


Sandra and Brent said...

First, yay, you blogged. Secondly, your kids are so dang cute. Sadly, I think the years are going by too fast. I'm gonna be real sad when I wake up one morning and Seth is sending in his mission papers or Sydney is getting married. Where does time go. I love and miss yall.

Amber Kei said...

So much fun! Crazy how things just get busier. We were at the game too. Are you going tonight? Now that you're back in town we should figure out a time to play. Call me sometime. :)

Beke said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the kids. They are all so adorable.

Lisa said...

Love the pictures of your girls in pink and the photos of Sydney at the bottom. I had to laugh because I totally sort my clothes in piles of white, black, and pink! Funny! Congrats on the job offers!! Can't wait to hear what you decide! Are you coming to Idaho any time soon?

Briawna said...

glad you're having a great provo experience. this year will fly by, especially with all the offers rolling in! :-) enjoy that beautiful utah weather. hard to believe, i actually miss it. i can't believe how adorable your kids are. okay, i can believe it! what i can't believe is that it's been almost eight years since we came out for seth's blessing. yikes!

Presley family said...

Looks like TONS of fun!!!! I am so glad that you are having so much fun in Utah. Your little family is so darn cute!!!!

Torman said...

LOVE the new post! I have not blog stocked for a long time. It was so glad to see you and we hope that we can see you soon! We are so excited that seth will be turning 8 soon. All the kids say hi!

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