Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I will miss them!

Seth got a little eager in wiggling his front teeth out. they have been missing since the end of August and they aren't even poking through yet? My Dad assures me that they are there so I guess we will just have to wait. (I think he is still a handsome little fella)
Syd asked me to take her picture one afternoon and preceded to model for me! Love it!!

Not a little lady quite yet. She is such a mover...the funny thing is she already knows that she can see her picture after each shot so she will come up to me so she can look at herself but she doesn't sit still long enough to get her with her dress down.
Love this pic...She is laying on my tummy..I think she likes me!!
So, even though I am a firm believer that Moms need breaks; I will miss them terribly!! We have been dealing with lots of drama around here. Seth has been sick which then so did Syd and me and Chloe has been getting more teeth in. Needless to say we have had some, oh so fussy, children around these parts and a semi cranky Mommy. I have a feeling next week I will miss the little boogers. So I am posting these pics so that I can frequently check my blog and gush over them. Mamaw: be sure to give them extra kisses from me. Cuddle them more and spoil them rotten!! I am sure you can handle it!! I love you Seth,Sydney and Chloe!!!
All my love , Mom

P.S. I will miss you to babe..I will be sure to think of you often and not at all in a gloating really won't be as good without you with me!!!


Diane said...

promise I will spoil them so rotten that when you get home youll be ready to take another vacation after the first day. I will give them tons of hugs and kisses from both of us.

Melissa said...

Amy if Mike's mom needs a break while you are gone have her give me a call. I would be glad to help out with the kids. Have fun on your trip!!

Boo Monster Becky said...

Like you said, you have the best substitute for Mike, Sandra. The kids are adorable. I love that Syd modeled for you! Have so much fun on your cruise.

Presley family said...

Oh,,,,, your kids are so adorable. Wahooo for breaks!!!

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